National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

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28 October 2019

NFYFC Council has agreed to encourage clubs to recruit at least four new members each – with five being even better – to help boost membership numbers in 2019-20.

The organisation wants to reach out to more rural young people and to let them know about the services it offers.

The membership recruitment challenge was brought to NFYFC Council by the Events and Marketing Steering Group. Their suggestion follows on from a successful National Young Farmers’ Week where the Federation reached more than 1.5m people.

Lucy Stowell, Events and Marketing Steering Group Chairman, said: “We really want to build on the success of National Young Farmers’ Week, which helped to promote NFYFC and the clubs to a much wider audience. If every club could recruit five new members, it would return membership numbers to the level they were in 2017-18. By recruiting more members it reduces the individual cost of membership too.”

Council members agreed to encourage their clubs and counties to attempt to meet the challenge and many members of the Council said clubs were already working hard to recruit new members.

During the Council meeting in Coventry this October, all five steering groups reported on their latest work, including updates on competitions, travel, agricultural issues and training.


The Personal Development Steering Group was thrilled to report that 3,041 YFC members had received Curve training in the 2018-19 membership year – far exceeding the target the group set.

New locations are being considered for YFC Travel for 2021 – including Denmark, Netherlands and Nevada. The Group also asked Council members to gather feedback on hosting YFC Travel exchangees about expenses and expectations of who should host. 

The AGRI steering group highlighted the forthcoming business and tenancy training events, YFC Talks to Defra regional events and is looking at a restructure to help engage with more YFC members.

The group also announced that there will be a newly- formatted AGRI Forum on 5 February 2020 called Fit in or Fade Out! Held at Daylesford in Gloucestershire. Details will be released in December and places allocated on a first come, first served basis.

AGRI also asked everyone to look out for neighbours and friends as the industry braced itself for the uncertainty of Brexit.


The Competitions Steering Group announced that Show Choir would replace Street Dance and that Ultimate Frisbee will replace Rounders in the 2020/21 programme.

It was also announced that the Performing Arts competition and Senior Member of the Year will be held over two days.  There will also only be one single mixed Clay Pigeon Shooting competition rather than gender specific competitions. 

The Youth Forum also met during the weekend and updated Council on their plans to represent younger members. They will be promoting the Nesta Challenge to members aged 11-16 and will attend the Woodcraft Folk Common Ground event in August 2020 to look at an intergenerational youth organisation event.

They also intend to work with LEAF Education to develop materials for clubs and counties to encourage them to engage with Open Farm Sunday events.

Future plans 

During the meeting the Board of Management updated everyone on the financial status of the Federation and on the development of the strategic plan.

Council has approved the Board’s proposal to hold a national ‘summit’ day to bring together county federation officers, staff and management committees to complement the work that has been done at a club level. The aim of the event will be to reach a consensus on the future role of NFYFC and the part it plays in the YFC structure.

The date of the next Council meeting will be 16-17 February 2020 where elections will take place for the new Chairman and Vice Chairmen of Council. More details on how to apply will be announced towards the end of November. 


Designed by Kevyn Williams