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27 November 2019

Taking on a new role as Worcestershire’s County Chairman, Cameron Wood has got a busy year ahead but it’s YFC friendships that he claims have helped him achieve so much already.

When did you join YFC?

I Joined Vale of Evesham YFC at the start of 2015 for the social side and to make new friends while on my university placement year. I’ve hung around Worcestershire ever since finishing my studies and came back to work in the area.

What roles have you held in YFC?

Stockjudging Co-ordinator and now County Chairman.

What has been one of the biggest challenges you have faced in a role with YFC?

I would say this is one that I’m facing right now as we had to make the difficult decision to cancel our annual Winter Wonderland Ball. We decided to cancel it due to declining ticket sales in recent years and low numbers sold just a week and a half before this year’s event. This obviously leaves a hole in our income for the year, which will need to be filled. As a County we are trying to take it back to all the members at club level to see what they want to get from their County Federation and what sort of events we should be looking to put on in the future.

Best thing you have done with YFC?

Going outside of my comfort zone. When I joined, if you had told me I would be organising the County’s stockjudging events and now being its County Chairman, I would have probably laughed and said no chance! But now looking back at all the fun I’ve had setting up various County events, and the friends and contacts I’ve made along the way, I’m not sure what I would have been doing over the last couple of years.

Greatest achievement in YFC? 

Probably stockjudging for the first time at my first country show and coming third for beef carcase. Learning a new skill and trying something new is one of the main things YFC is all about.

Greatest achievement outside of YFC?

It would have to be graduating with a FdSc degree in agriculture because studying was not always my strong point!

Best thing you have ever made with YFC?

Great friendships and good memories along the way.

Who would you like to thank in YFC and why?

All the friends I’ve made who make it fun and worthwhile doing all the hard work. Also to all those that have helped me and directed me in my various roles and continue to do so – your help and advice is very much appreciated.

27 November 2019

A dynamic and experienced YFC member is being sought to join NFYFC’s Board of Management.

The position is for a two-year term of office and a further two years is available after the initial term is completed. Applications can only be made by full YFC members in order that NFYFC’s Board maintains the required 33% representation from full YFC members.

The Chairman and Vice Chairmen of the NFYFC Council, who will be elected at the February Council meeting, may be full YFC members, and in which case the additional Board position will not be available on the 2020 Board in February.

The NFYFC Council agreed it would be prudent to open applications to YFC members in case the newly elected officers are not in full membership age (10-26).

Applications are welcomed from YFC members who can contribute to the leadership and direction of the NFYFC and provide insight and perspective of the needs of YFC members, with an appetite to develop their existing skills and bring creativity to the Board.

For full details of the role and an application pack, visit the recruitment pages of the NFYFC website. Application deadline is 17.00hrs on Monday 6 January 2020. 

27 November 2019

YFC can open up lots of opportunities to get involved in industry groups that can help broaden your experience. Nicola Palfrey from Somerset FYFC shares her involvement as a YFC representative on one such group.

What do you do?

I am the NFYFC Tenancy Reform Industry Group (TRIG) representative. The group advises on measures that assist the tenanted sector within the agricultural industry and aims to maintain and invigorate the sector.

Why is YFC a part of TRIG?

The NFU, CLA and TFA are amongst the stakeholders who attend the meetings and represent their members’ views so it’s particularly important that young farmers are represented and provide input to this industry group.

What do you discuss at the group?

The latest meeting was held in early November at the Defra offices in London. We had hoped to review the response to Defra’s tenancy consultation held earlier in this year, but were unable to do so due to the election campaign. However, there was much conversation from all stakeholders at the meeting regarding different types of farm and land occupation both now and in the future, with the obvious consideration of politics and future policy change that will impact on our farming future.

How can other YFC members get their voices heard?

I’m delighted to take up the mantel from our previous TRIG representative Rebecca Heal and hope that you will share any thoughts or concerns regarding tenancy or rural land occupation with me or our AGRI member of staff so that we can represent you at the next meeting.

27 November 2019

YFC members across England and Wales have started planting thousands of sapling trees as part of NFYFC’s Protect Your Future campaign.

Clubs and counties have taken on projects in their local communities and planted trees that they applied for from The Woodland Trust earlier in the year. Many of the clubs have partnered with local organisations to find suitable locations.

In Berkshire, Bradfield YFC brought members together to plant 420 trees on land just outside their village. Taking part in the campaign helped the club feel like they could do something positive for the environment.

Club Chairman Hannah Waters said: “Like a lot of YFCs we are very attuned to what’s going on in the countryside and issues with plastics and global warming. The campaign has helped us do something positive and I hope it sparks enthusiasm for more environmental action.”

In Buckingham, clubs joined forces to plant 600 sapling trees – one for every member of the County.

Wedmore YFC in Somerset have set up their own @yfcfreetree Instagram channel to make regular updates about the locations where they are planting their 420 sapling trees. More recently they have been supporting an edible planting project in Worthington Wood, a Wedmore parish council project, which will provide produce for local villagers to eat.

Club member Jack Nicholls said: “Wedmore YFC have planted a mixture of their trees here as a boundary hedge and also individual specimens. We have supplied fruit and nut trees to be planted at a later date once plans have been drawn by the Food Forest Project.”

Other projects include planting on YFC members’ farms to create spaces to remember lost families and friends, encouraging habitation along riverbeds and providing trees for a large memorial garden.

YFC members have planting dates set for December too and sapling trees can still be applied for from The Woodland Trust for planting in 2020. 

27 November 2019

County Federations will benefit from stronger leaders after a weekend of training for new chairmen and vice chairmen, supported by the Henry Plumb Foundation.

The Equipped training weekend, is an annual event organised to give County Chairmen and Vices essential skills to support them in their new roles.

Dan Frost, Cambridgeshire County Chairman, attended the course last year as a Vice Chairman but says he found it beneficial to be there again in his new role.

“I leant more about how to run my County more efficiently – especially in terms of the right way to manage staff and how to use your volunteers’ skills sets,” said Dan. “It was good to network with the other County Chairs and I took a lot of ideas from other counties. I’d recommend the course to every county chairman –if you think you know everything, go on Equipped because you’ll learn a tonne more.” 

There were indoor and outdoor activities for members to participate in during the weekend. Formal sessions discussed NFYFC’s structure, and workshops focused on leadership and management as well as topics on AGRI, drugs awareness, inclusivity and equality.

Will Freeman, 23, Chairman of Staffordshire Federation, said he and his Vice Amy Boothby, found the drugs awareness session useful.

“The drugs awareness workshop made me and my Vice more aware of the issues and learn what actions we need to take,” said Will who had also attended the Equipped training last year as a Vice Chairman. 

“It was a very informative weekend and I definitely learnt a lot, even going back for a second year. It was good to catch up with Vices from 2018 who have now gone into the Chairman role and share some experiences from last year.”

Equipped is an annual training weekend for all County Chairmen and Vice Chairmen and will be advertised from September 2020 onwards. 

27 November 2019

NFYFC is calling for nominations and applications for a Chairman of Council and two Vice Chairmen from members of the 2020 NFYFC Council and YFC members are urged to encourage their representatives to stand for the roles. 

The elections will take place next February, where members of the Council will be able to vote, on behalf of their Counties, for those standing for the positions.

The primary responsibility of the roles is to act as one of the Managing (Charity) Trustees of the NFYFC and to represent the Board of Management to the NFYFC Council and membership.  The Board of Management safeguard the finance, risk and reputation of the organisation, a legal responsibility of every Managing Trustee of every charitable organisation.

Key attributes for the roles are:

  • personal authority
  • integrity
  • the ability to provide sound objective advice
  • well organised
  • resilient
  • knowledge/experience that will contribute to steering the strategic direction of the organisation
  • ability to champion, influence and support the organisation as it develops a new strategy.

Nominees for the posts should be able to contribute to the leadership and direction of the NFYFC and provide insight and perspective of the needs of YFC members. All applications for the roles must be from a county elected member of the 2020 NFYFC Council and be over the age of 16 by the date of appointment (16 February 2020).

YFC members who are not members of the 2020 NFYFC Council can encourage their County-elected representatives to stand for the positions. If anyone is interested in becoming a member of Council, the person should contact their County office to see if there are any positions still vacant or wait until the 2020-21 membership year to stand for a position.

All applications must be submitted by no later than 17.00hrs on Monday 6 January 2020.

For more information and to download the application forms, visit here.  


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