National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

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23 January 2020

NFYFC’s plan for the future is underway following a meeting with YFC members and leaders from England and Wales.

The ‘Summit Day’ event was held in Coventry in January and involved facilitated workshops where county representatives, including staff, discussed the organisation’s current situation, and the needs and wants of YFC members, clubs and counties.

The groups went on to discuss the new strategy for NFYFC and identified where responsibilities for delivery of work should be held (eg, with a YFC member, a club, county or NFYFC).

The feedback is now being analysed and will be used to prioritise areas of work for the next three to 12 months.

New Working Groups will be established to examine topics in more detail, such as the digitalisation of YFC work, membership ages (start and finish), streamlining and changing communications, governance structures for NFYFC,  County Federations and clubs and practical help from NFYFC for counties.

Delme Harries Chairman of the Board of Management said: “The day captured an enormous amount of very useful data that adds to all of the input YFC members have been giving over the past year and a half, since we started this transition. 

“Things will be changing in YFC – we are looking at introducing modern digital systems to link every member, club, county federation and the NFYFC.  The work will be prioritised as finance and resources allow but most importantly our members will be at the heart of these changes. Being a member of a YFC has a huge impact on improving social lives and connections in rural areas. This will always be championed and continue to be a key focus of our future plans.”

At the next Council meeting in February, members of the NFYFC Council will study the priorities that have emerged from the Summit to move the strategy on to the next stage. A phased plan of development will be put together following this meeting.


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