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27 February 2020

Communicating with grassroots members was highlighted as one of the vital roles of a Council member during training at the recent Council weekend in February.

YFC Trainers told a packed room of YFC members, who had been elected to represent their Counties on the national Council, that their role was to make two-way communication happen. All YFC members should expect a detailed update about decisions and discussions made during Council meetings and they must also be aware that Council Reps can share their views at future Council meetings.

Understanding their responsibilities as Council members was the aim of the training session that was delivered by YFC Trainers Marcus Bailey from Essex FYFC, Polly Baines from Staffordshire FYFC and Cath Sykes, NFYFC’s Development and Training Manger.

The session outlined the full role and responsibilities of the NFYFC Council and also those of the Board of Management. While Council officers were there to help steer, create and promote the programme of activities offered by NFYFC, the Board of Management are responsible for governing the organisation.

All counties have a Council representative and your County Office can put you in contact with them. A Council Rep’s responsibilities include:

  • Making their role known to YFC members and county staff
  • Regularly speaking to county chairmen for feedback
  • Reporting back to the County Federation (at Exec meetings, through newsletters, email or talking to members and staff)
  • Leading discussions and involving YFC members in the debate
  • Informing members about NFYFC and keeping them updated on topics.

YFC Trainer Marcus Bailey said:

“The session aims to empower Council Reps so they feel confident about their role. The majority of people attending the session were in membership age and are actively involved in their clubs. It’s important that the messages from Council get passed on and equally that the Council Reps bring back their members’ views to future meetings. Council only works effectively if all members feel they have access to it and understand its purpose.”

For more information about the NFYFC structure, please see here.



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