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Fun, Learning, and Achievement

27 February 2020

After many years of promoting and encouraging his club and county, Dewi Parry is now planning to do the same on a national scale. Find out more about your new Chairman of Council 2020-21.

When did you join YFC?

I joined Betws-yn-Rhos YFC in 2008 after being told to by my sister’s friend, who was Club Secretary at the time.

Since then I have been a club chairman (five times!) a club leader, county chairman, won Clwyd senior member of the year (twice!) and been a council member for Wales since 2011 and NFYFC since 2016.

Three words to describe your club?

Fun, Diverse, Growing.

Best thing you have done with YFC?

Organised a 130-mile charity bike ride with members from every club, to visit every club in the county over a weekend when I was County Chairman in 2017. We did this to raise money for a restricted fund to secure Clwyd FYFC’s future.

Greatest achievement in YFC? 

Winning the Cookery competition at the County Rally.

Greatest achievement outside of YFC?

Breeding the female champion at the Bluefaced Leicester Breed Progeny Show in 2015.

Best thing you have ever 'made' with YFC?

Goat’s cheese and walnut ravioli in a sage butter sauce which I made from scratch inside an hour to seal victory in the Rally Cookery competition.

What impact do you want to have on YFC in your year as Chairman?

To make members feel a part of NFYFC. I want to break down any perceived barriers about what ‘national’ is and instead make everyone feel proud to be part of one large organisation representing rural young people. NFYFC belongs to every YFC member and we will be much stronger if we all work together with that understanding.

Coming from a very small club in Wales to now representing all YFCs across England and Wales is a major achievement but one that’s open to all YFC members. I hope I can play my part in making more members realise the opportunities available.

Who would you like to thank in YFC and why?

Everyone I’ve come across who cares about YFC. We all need people to encourage us and equally we all need people to challenge us to improve.

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