National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

Fun, Learning, and Achievement

04 March 2020

The YFC Centre at Stoneleigh Park is undergoing much-needed improvements using funding from a long-established and restricted fund.

NFYFC staff and the HOPS staff team will move out of the premises in March to a temporary location nearby on the park. The offices will close from 5 March until 10 March while the team set up their new temporary space.     

The building at Stoneleigh Park has been largely untouched since the 60s. It is not environmentally friendly, energy efficient or easily accessible for people with disabilities and has insufficient space for meetings and training.

The refurbishment uses the original building structure, which saves on expense, but will provide a more practical environment for visitors, YFC members and staff to work from. Improved insulation and heating will go towards reducing running costs.

The refurbishment will be paid for by a £440,000 YFC Centre Endowment Fund that can only be used for the purposes of developing the YFC Centre. This is a restricted fund, established soon after the NFYFC moved from London to the current YFC Centre at Stoneleigh Park in 1968. The essential development work to the building has also been pledged a further £50,000 from a Trust fund, which is also restricted and can only be used for this purpose. 


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