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05 March 2020

YFC members took part in eight ‘YFC Talks to Defra’ regional discussion events over the last few months that YFC AGRI organised with Defra.

YFC AGRI received a Defra grant to support agreed work which included regional engagement events to help hear about and to contribute to, a future Environmental Land Management scheme (ELMs). 

The new Agriculture Bill was re-introduced to Parliament in January and new policies are emerging. Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) payments will gradually be phased out and ELM is currently being designed, alongside other future schemes covering areas such as plant health and animal welfare.

These recent regional ‘YFC Talks to Defra’ events gave an ideal opportunity for current and future young farmers to understand what policies Defra are working on and why.  As this new scheme will affect so many farmers in all regions of England, the events helped to capture the practical thoughts, concerns and ideas from those who already manage land. For this particular scheme, it’s important that all local and regional considerations are talked about and taken into account.

Young farmers value the importance of food production and enhanced efficiency going hand-in-hand with environmental measures. They listened to, questioned and discussed the practicalities of Defra’s plans for a future tiered scheme, packages of options, a scheme devolved to local government and an innovative price discovery mechanism. They were assured that nothing is yet set in stone and that Defra aims to tailor the new scheme to fit local priorities, find innovative delivery solutions and explore new payment methodologies.  

A future National Pilot, launching in late 2021 will build on the current tests and trials work and the scheme should be made easily accessible for farmers to work out what will be appropriate for their individual farms.

Defra has now launched the Environmental Land Management (ELM) Policy Discussion Document on the Citizen Space website. This document sets out Defra’s initial thinking on the design of the new ELM scheme. There are key questions in the document which will help Defra shape the new scheme. Visit the Defra Facebook page for further information


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