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30 March 2020

One energetic junior YFC member has completed a marathon for charity while being stuck in isolation.

Hope, who at 12 years old is the youngest member of Dartmouth YFC, completed 845 laps around her garden in five hours and 42 minutes. The challenge helped her to raise £250 for Cancer Research, which she says was in memory of her Grandad and also for her uncle Patrick who is currently in remission.

Hope had been wondering what to do with all the spare time she now had since the schools closed due to Coronavirus and felt her love of running could be put to positive use.

“I ran it over three afternoons, after I had finished my school work. I didn’t find it too difficult, because I’m used to long distance running. However the last 20 laps I started to feel my legs really hurting,” said Hope. “I really loved doing this! Although my garden gets boring after 350 laps.”

Hope recommends setting challenges while everyone is in isolation and she’s currently enjoying being part of the YFC Isolation Bake Off as well as club activities. Dartmouth YFC is hosting a weekly quiz and having a daily group chat.

Hope has also been busy keeping fit with Joe Wicks on his YouTube channel and says she is already planning more personal fitness challenges. “I might do Mount Everest up the stairs next!”

Tell NFYFC what fun activities you or your YFC have been doing in isolation?


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