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27 August 2020

YFC members have voted to change the way the national subscription fee is calculated to make it easier and more affordable for YFC members.

The changes mean that from September 2020 all members will pay £25.80 to the national body for their annual membership fee – members also pay fees at a club and at a county level.

An online vote was held during the meeting and the motion was passed by a majority of 89% of the votes cast. The £25.80 per member is the subscription for the new membership year, commencing on 1 September and, like before, the subscription can only be changed by motions brought forward at future Annual General Meetings.

Previously the national subscription was worked out by dividing a sum of money between the total number of members the organisation has at the end of each membership year. This would mean that an increase in membership reduced each individual member’s fee but a decrease in membership had the reverse effect. 

At last year’s AGM, members voted for an annual 20% increase on the national levy.  This meant the membership fee would have increased to £31.66 in September 2020 based on the number of members recorded at the end of the 2019-20 membership year.

Brecknock FYFC successfully proposed a motion to change this system and argued that increasing the fee in the usual way would impact members heavily, especially during the pandemic when membership numbers are expected to reduce.

Rebecca Prothero from Brecknock said the County Federation’s proposal was “common sense” and provided an “easy and straightforward” approach to calculating the membership fee. Rebecca also explained that while the motion was submitted before the pandemic, it had only highlighted the need for it. 

“For those members who do sign up, the current method of determining the national levy is going to punish those members even further,” said Rebecca in the speech she made online during NFYFC’s first virtual Annual General Meeting. “We are in need of a substantial change about how we look after our grassroots members and we are now in a position to protect and nurture the membership through what could be a dangerous and shattering time for the organisation.”

Amy Powell from Radnorshire FYFC seconded the motion and also said that the current system meant the County’s members “were feeling punished for remaining loyal to the Federation.”

NFYFC will not be receiving an increase to its income from subscriptions due to the changes to the membership fee, and some YFC members expressed concern during the meeting about the loss of planned increased income to national services.

Chairman of the Board of Management Delme Harries and NFYFC Vice Chairman of Council Ed Dungait reassured members that programming cuts were not planned due to the changes this motion brought to NFYFC budgets in 2021. The Board of Management also expressed its support of the Brecknock FYFC motion in light of the extreme financial effects being faced by individuals and clubs due to Covid-19.

During the online meeting, YFC members also elected world renowned rugby referee and former YFC member Nigel Owens MBE as the new NFYFC President.

Seven deputy presidents were also elected as follows: Eastern Area – Teresa Pemberton, East Midlands Area – Bryan Lovegrove, Northern Area – Diane Coles, South East Area – Alethea Snelling, South West Area – Nigel Howe, Wales – Owen Elliott, West Midlands Area – David Fellows.

This was the first time that NFYFC had held its Annual General Meeting online and the meeting involved a mixture of live and recorded presentations. Attendees at the meeting were able to vote online and comment throughout the meeting while watching presentations from homes. 


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