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28 September 2020

A national mental health campaign, guided by the Youth Forum, has earned one YFC member an award from the High Sheriff of Cumbria.

Ruth Cooper, Chairman of NFYFC’s Youth Forum and a member of Cumbria FYFC, was actively involved in shaping the YFC Take Time resources, sponsored by Tama. The toolkit was launched during Mental Health Awareness Week in May, when the country was in lockdown.

Ruth who encouraged members of the Forum to record videos to represent the themes of the campaign has been recognised for her efforts by Julie Barton, the High Sheriff of Cumbria.

“It is an honour to receive this award and I was shocked when it arrived in the post. Throughout the week of the toolkit being promoted we had a reach of over 250k on social media, which is just astonishing.”

The YFC Take Time campaign was geared towards rural young people who were facing increased levels of isolation during the lockdown and for those who are continuing to feel the pressure of restrictions. The toolkit and videos were aimed at ensuring people helped to keep their mental health, healthy.

The Youth Forum’s efforts have also attracted attention from the NHS, who are keen to use the materials in one of their outreach programmes. It has also received praise from the British Youth Council and Rural Youth Europe.

The YFC Take Time resources are still available on the NFYFC website. 


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