National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

Fun, Learning, and Achievement

06 April 2011

Enthusiastic Young Farmers' Clubs members are up for the challenge of making the Campaign for the Farmed Environment (CFE) succeed.

That was the overwhelming message at last week’s NFYFC Regional Link Day at a CFE Beacon farm in Gloucestershire where a group of YFC members found out how the campaign can deliver environmental benefits through practical management, without the need for regulation.

The YFC members were given a tour of host farmer Simon Pain’s 125ha holding near Berkeley to learn some practical tips on the key target options in ELS and campaign voluntary measures that count towards the CFE.

Simon Pain said: “The enthusiasm that the young people displayed for the campaign was fantastic. Hopefully they will be inspired to do the simplest of things to support the CFE on their own farms which might also encourage members of their county groups to take part in the campaign.”

Herefordshire YFC member Richard Thomas said: “The walk around Billow Farm demonstrated that through simple management we, as young farmers, can help the campaign succeed. As an industry we certainly don’t need further regulation and I will be encouraging fellow young farmers in Herefordshire to look at the management they are doing on their farms and put in place key target options in ELS and campaign voluntary measures.”

YFC members at the meeting received free supplies of wild bird seed, courtesy of CFE supporters, Kings Game Cover and Conservation Crops, to help them get on their way with option establishment on farm.

The CFE will be providing advice during the NFYFC annual convention at Blackpool in May this year where members will be able to get information on how they can support the campaign without the need for Government intervention.

Campaign for the Farmed Environment partners are the NFU, the Country, Land and Business Association, the Agricultural Industries Confederation, the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group, the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, Linking Environment and Farming, Defra, Natural England, the Environment Agency and the RSPB. They have been joined by the Association of Independent Crop Consultants and the Central Association of Agricultural Valuers to create a powerful national partnership.


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