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28 July 2021

NFYFC announced the three finalists of its Farm Safety Award, sponsored by SGN, during Farm Safety Week 2021, in the first of its announcements for this year’s YFC Achiever Awards.

It is the first year that NFYFC has run this award category as part of its YFC Achiever Awards in a bid to help celebrate YFC members who are championing farm safety.

The finalists included Emily Jones from Dilwyn YFC in Herefordshire, Maria Warne from St Mabyn YFC in Cornwall and Weald of Kent YFC in Kent.

To read about the three finalists visit here.

All three finalists demonstrated a passion for farm safety and a drive to share positive messages with others about improving safety. The winner will be announced during an online YFC Achiever Awards week from 13-17 September 2021.

The award was judged by Yellow Wellies Ambassador Hannah Jackson – aka the Red Shepherdess,  Steph Berkeley, Manager of the Farm Safety Foundation and Ed Dungait, NFYFC’s Vice Chair.

The Farm Safety Award is sponsored by SGN and SGN’s Head of Maintenance Tim Pearce said: 

“We’d like to congratulate all three finalists who have all done an excellent job in highlighting the importance of farm safety. We’re so proud to sponsor the Farm Safety Award because everyone going home safe and well after work to their families is what matters.

“Please, always put safety first and get in touch with us, and other utility companies, before starting any work on your land that is in the vicinity of our pipelines. We’ll visit you to help you plan your work, confirm and mark the location of our gas pipelines, and collaborate with you to come up with a way of working that ensures the integrity of our pipeline and your safety.”

NFYFC will announce the finalists for the remaining seven YFC Achiever Award categories from 2 August – starting with the Heart of YFC finalists. All of the judges have chosen five finalists in each of the remaining seven award categories and the winner of the Heart of YFC will be voted on by the YFC community. Voting opens on 2 August when the finalists are announced.

All of the winners will be announced during an online awards week from 13-17 September 2021.  

13 July 2021

To celebrate NFYFC’s 90th membership year during National Young Farmers’ Week (25-29 October), supported by NatWest, we are gathering recordings from current and former members from across England and Wales. We need your help to capture those stories!

We want to know how YFC has influenced your life as part of our theme this year called YFC Made Me…

We would like to create videos to share throughout the week, which are a compilation of messages from members and alumni. We need your help to gather those stories!

To take part, you will need to do the following:

1. Think about the impact YFC has had on your life (this could be anything such as your career, friendships made, involvement in YFC and experiences outside the organisation).

2. Ask if someone you know can record a video of you talking about how YFC has influenced your life or record a selfie style video. You can partner up with a friend if both of you want to share your stories.

3. Record the video in a landscape format. Try to keep the video short – 2 mins maximum.

4. When recording, try to think about any background noise (if recording outside, consider wind levels) or lighting issues (try to avoid sitting in front of a window or a light).

5. Send the video to Cheryl Liddle via email or if it's too large, it can be sent via Messenger to the NFYFC Facebook page.

Encourage fellow members in your club to record short videos too about how YFC is influencing their lives. Your Club and County can also gather these to create your own Club or County video to share during National Young Farmers’ Week. But please remember to send some of them to NFYFC so we can add them into our stories/videos throughout the week.

For more information contact 



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