National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

Fun, Learning, and Achievement

26 August 2021

It’s NFYFC’s 90th membership year and a great time to join YFC and make the most of all the benefits it brings. Check out our top 10.

1. Two extra years.

One of the first things to celebrate this year is the fact it’s not game over if you’ve just turned 26, as NFYFC now offers full membership for anyone up to 28 years of age! So, if you’re returning from university, have moved to a new area or have only just discovered YFC (where have you been?), it’s not too late to join. In fact, joining in your 20s means you can offer more experience and knowledge to help develop your club. Great skills to add to your CV.  Get joining information here.

2. Make savings.

NFYFC has gathered some exclusive discounts for YFC members that can see you saving pounds on towing training, festivals and events as well as days out, clothing and subscriptions. You can even join the NFU for free and the savings you’ll make on a subscription to Farmers Weekly are more than the cost of your NFYFC membership! Check out all the offers here. 

(You will receive a password to be able to access all offers when you join NFYFC and a reminder can be sent out if you have forgotten your password). 

3. The love of competing.

The pandemic meant a lot of YFC competitions had to move online but thankfully we’re now back to real-life competition finals! We’ll be at the Malvern Show in September for the Cookery and Floral Art finals, and in October we'll be hosting the Stockman of the Year and a Competitions and Sports Day, followed by stockjudging at the English Winter Fair in November. See the comps programme here. New dates for 2022 finals will be added soon.  

4. A voice in agri policy.

With so much change to agricultural policy happening right now, it’s important that young farmers’ voices are heard so they can safeguard their future in the industry. YFC AGRI includes representatives from across all YFC counties, has regular contact with Defra and inputs to ongoing consultations. There’s never been a more important time for the industry to unite and shout about its vital role. Find out more about YFC AGRI here. 

5. Community support.

YFCs have been a lifeline for so many rural communities throughout the pandemic. Volunteering to support others is great for our wellbeing too and being part of a YFC offers so many opportunities to fundraise or take part in local projects. It also helps YFC members to feel involved and connected with their community. 

6. Protecting the environment.

With COP26 taking place in November this year, YFCs are focused on doing all they can to protect the environment in their own local areas. YFC members are supporting a new YFC Operation Green campaign and organising litter picks and local environmental projects that make a difference. We’ll be celebrating all that hard work during National Young Farmers’ Week. Find out more here. 

7. Skills development.

Want to be more employable? Looking for ways to boost your confidence? From formal training courses (you can even get a qualification to be a trainer) to learning skills through competitions or by taking on an active role in your club – YFC offers loads of ways for you to make your Linkedin profile shine for prospective employers. See more on training here. 

8. Awarding success.

If you’re looking for some national recognition, then the YFC Achiever Awards are an annual event that showcase achievements. Nominations are open to anyone from the YFC community to enter our eight categories, which are judged by high profile industry names. More information here. 

9. Social life.

Living in a rural location can be lonely at times and we know that the pandemic has exacerbated many isolation issues. It’s why a weekly club meeting is so important and now restrictions have lifted YFCs can meet again! Rallies, informal gatherings and social events are all part of the giant YFC mix and are a great way to make friends. And even more exciting is that the Officers of the NFYFC Council are planning a celebration event to take place in Northumberland on 11 June 2022 – so make sure you save the date! 

10. The memories.

From the age of 10 to 28 – YFC membership offers 18 years’ worth of good times and far too many photo opportunities for your phone’s storage space. Whatever way you choose to use your membership with NFYFC, you’ll have the time of your life. There is no other youth organisation quite like it. Join today.



Designed by Kevyn Williams