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01 October 2021

Competitors at this year's national Floral Art competition created displays using the theme of Great British Sport, with one winning entry reflecting NFYFC President Nigel Owens as their sporting hero.

The competition, which was held on the Sunday of the Malvern Autumn Show, involved members creating their sporting displays within one hour. The 17 and under category were tasked with using flowers to showcase their favourite sport, the 22 and under category were required to create a display reflecting their sporting hero and the 27 and under category were asked to create a display showing sporting pursuits.

Harriet Preece from Herefordshire (pictured) won the senior category for her impressive Deer Stalking design that used antlers that had originally been used in a drama production by her club Eardisley YFC.

Harriet said: “My main accessory to set the scene was the antlers. I thought deer stalking would be a different approach to what others may have interpreted it as. I chose purple alliums and eryngiums, which represented the thistles and heather you would find in the Scottish Highlands where deer stalking is a favoured pursuit.”

Harriet chose to keep the foliage as natural as possible, focussing on ferns, bracken and berries, which was picked from her grandmother’s garden, to enhance the wild and natural country theme.

All of the displays were judged using the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies’ (NAFAS) rules and the winners were chosen by NAFAS judges.

“I am extremely proud to have represented Herefordshire as well as Eardisley YFC, especially being one of the younger competitors in the senior section,” added Harriet.

“I am so lucky to have these opportunities and I cannot thank my trainer and auntie, Liz, enough for all her help and guidance.”

Elena from Herefordshire won the 17 and under category after choosing a cricket theme for her design as she enjoys watching it on television as well as watching her dad play on a Sunday.   

"I talked about the theme and different styles with Jess Hobby, who helped me, and we came up with the design to use the flowers as the stumps. We kept it to a very English country style so that the flowers told the story. I was really thrilled to win as I came second last time and never thought I would do as well again. I was really proud of myself but most of all I wanted to make Jess proud of me."

In the intermediate category, Kate Lawrence won one of the joint first place positions. Kate chose Bradley Wiggins for her Sporting Hero after she was impressed with his Tour de France win in 2012, followed by the Gold at the London 2012 Olympics. 

"I used a bike tyre and yellow flowers to symbolise the ‘yellow jersey’ and arranged my flowers to flow around a hoop at the top," explained Kate. "I also used all wild grasses in the bottom to show the roadside. It felt great to be placed first, and it felt even better that Herefordshire managed to bring home all three first places on the day! To share first place with Fflur was lovely, her arrangement was amazing!"  

The winners:

17 and under 

1st Elena from Herefordshire A

2nd Daisy from Warwickshire

3rd = Henrietta from Dorset and Camilla from Shropshire A

22 and under 

1st = Kate Lawrence from Herefordshire A and Fflur from Pembrokeshire

3rd Katie Hughes from Clwyd

27 and under 

1st Harriet Preece from Herefordshire A

2nd Ellie Davis from Bedfordshire

3rd Stephanie Parry from Gwent 



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