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22 November 2021

Malmesbury YFC is thriving following successful new members’ nights and some good planning. Club Chair Luke Cox shares his experience leading the club. 

Q. How has the start of the new membership year been for Malmesbury YFC?

It has been brilliant for Malmesbury YFC. Engagement with the club and all that we are offering has more than exceeded expectations, and everyone has been willing to get back involved after the recent lockdowns.

Members who have been involved with the club for a number of years have also been great at recruiting their friends, and the club is now probably the strongest it has been for many years.

Q. Have you held a new members' evening?

We held a couple of new members’ evenings in October, one on the first Wednesday evening of the month (which is our weekly meeting evening) and another on the Friday of National Young Farmers’ Week at the end of the month.

They were both really successful, with over 30 people turning up to the skittles evening at the start of the month and all signing up on the night, and the quiz night at the end of the month attracted new members as well as enabling people to make friends with neighbouring clubs, as we invited them along too.

Q. What activities have you held to bring everyone together again after most Covid-19 restrictions were lifted?

Without fail, we hold a meeting every Wednesday evening. This has ranged from pumpkin carving and mini golf to guest speakers. All of these meetings have been very well attended, which shows how well everyone has come together as a club. We also held our first main event of the year – our annual bonfire and fireworks night – which played host to around 400 people and made a healthy profit for the club. 

We also got involved in YFC Operation Green to do a litter pick to clean up the village.  

Q. Are you finding there are new challenges for club officers this side of the pandemic?

I haven’t come across many major challenges yet during my time as Chair, but that is in part due to the amount of organisation I put into events. The secret to limiting the problems you might face as Chair is to plan well in advance, and make sure everyone is aware of what you are offering. This way it gives you plenty of time to makes changes if you need to, and it’s much easier to switch meetings around where necessary.

Q. What has your club got planned for the winter months? 

Throughout winter we will continue our weekly meetings, including our annual carol service and Christmas meal. We are also offering wreath making, ice skating, a brewery tour and more guest speakers. The committee will be starting to plan our summer events, which include our internal Pimms Party and our famous Hellraiser party which can attract up to 500 people.

Q. Are you feeling confident about re-building YFC over the next few months?

The club already have over 60 members, and we hope to grow this to nearer 100 by the end of the year. 

The county rally in May is the highlight of the YFC year in Wiltshire, and this is always a great opportunity to get everyone together for a day of competitions. I am confident that the togetherness of the club will allow us to continue to build on the strong foundations we have built early on this year.

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