National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

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26 April 2022

Young Farmers’ Clubs have voted in favour of increasing the Associate Membership fee from £10 to £15 from 1 September 2022.

Wales YFC Chair Caryl Haf proposed the motion to increase the fee, at NFYFC’s 90th Annual General Meeting in Warwickshire on 24 April 2022.

All YFCs were given the opportunity to vote on the motion and more than two thirds (76%) voted to increase the fee.

Caryl (pictured) said that associate membership was a “fantastic way” to support the Federation as the increased fee meant YFC members benefited from their support.

“Surely it is our turn to give back to the organisation that has given us so much,” said Caryl about the fact the income generated from the associate membership fee was put towards training for YFC members.

Associate members are not able to take part in YFC competitions but many help mentor or train competition teams. Associate membership also gives access to discounts and many events and activities that are organised locally and nationally.


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