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29 April 2022

NFYFC ran bespoke YFC-centred training for Designated Safeguarding Officers in February to give them the tools and knowledge to help make a difference to a vulnerable person’s life.

The course covered a range of subjects, including safeguarding legislation and guidance, indicators of abuse or neglect, making judgements, and dealing with and reporting of allegations and complaints.

YFC members and county staff took part in the course and all gained an Ofqual National Level 3 Award in England. NFYFC caught up with Bucks FYFC’s County Administrator Louise Brookes to find out her thoughts on the three-day course.

Q. Why did you decide to do the course?

I wanted to complete a more YFC specific safeguarding course. It wasn't my first safeguarding course as I had completed some basic safeguarding training online via the NSPCC and then completed their DSO two-day course. Although these courses were useful they did leave me feeling uncertain as to how I would apply the procedures talked about to a YFC situation. I was therefore not very confident about how I would tackle any safeguarding issues that I might encounter in my role a County Administrator and County DSO.

Q. How did you find the YFC course?

The course was very informative and broken down into more manageable and understandable steps and procedures that were much more relatable to the YFC environment.

There is a written exam at the end of the course but due to the way the course was delivered and structured, with plenty of opportunities for discussion and questioning, we were able to confidently tackle the exam.

Val Wright (NFYFC’s Head of Safeguarding) is an excellent teacher. Learning with a group of people from YFC meant that anything discussed was always compared back to a possible YFC situation you may encounter or that others had experienced. The relaxed nature of the course also meant that you felt more able to ask questions or for advice.

Q. Would you recommend the course to others in YFC?

I would definitely recommend this course to any YFC DSO whether it's at Club or County level. It's good to be able to build relationships with others from across YFC who are also in these roles, giving you a greater support network to draw upon.

The course is suitable for anyone, whether you've had any previous safeguarding training before or not, and you'll also get a certified qualification at the end of the course. With safeguarding being central to all YFC activities, I would encourage anyone who has a safeguarding role within their Club or County to complete this course.

The NFYFC course is suitable for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge and understanding of safeguarding in a YFC setting, such as Club and County Officers, Trustees, etc. More of these safeguarding courses will be advertised soon.


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