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15 July 2011

Feast your eyes on the imagination and culinary skills of YFC members from across England and Wales in the finals of the NFYFC cookery and floral art competitions at the Malvern Autumn Show.

This year’s finalists are challenged with hitting the right note by creating delicious dishes and fabulous floral displays on the theme Musicals, which is also the theme for this year’s county exhibit competition and which will be on show throughout the two days of the event on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 September in the Severn Hall on the Three Counties Showground.

The Three Counties Agricultural Society is offering discounted tickets at member’s rates (£14.00 for Saturday 24 September and £12.50 for Sunday 25 September) to those supporting YFC competitors. Contact your county organiser for details on how to claim this offer.  Advance booking (and this offer) will close on 19 September.  

Show timetable:

Saturday 24 September
10am:            County Exhibit staged
10.30am:      Cookery commences – first group
1.30pm:        Cookery commences – second group
5pm:              Presentation of awards

Sunday 25 September
10.30am:      Floral Arts arranging commences
5pm:              Presentation of awards

14 July 2011

BBC Radio 4's Farming Today team witnessed for themselves the skills of NFYFC's young stockjudges as the show's Emma Weatherill tested her own knowledge alongside the NFYFC dairy stockjudging competition finalists at the Great Yorkshire Show.

Emma rated four Holstein and four Ayrshire cows in tandem with the junior NFYFC competitors at the show in Harrogate on 14 July, and was assessed by the same expert judges as the NFYFC finalists. Her final score was 34.

The NFYFC junior dairy stockjudging competition (Farmers Weekly Trophy) was won by Yorkshire B team's Hannah Booth, with Yorkshire C's Zoe Coates second, and Gloucestershire's David Whitting third.

In joint first place and taking home the JS Clark Perpetual Challenge Cup in the intermediate competition were Lancashire B team's Helen Eastham and Lincolnshire's Millie Shipley, with Carmarthenshire B's Bethan Phillips third.

The Harold Jackson Perpetual Challenge Trophy awarded for the senior competition was won by Carmarthenshire A team's Ffion Jones, with Cornwall A team's Jonathan Dymond second and Cumbria B's Craig Brough third.

The Farmer and Stockbreeder Trophy went to the winning Lancashire B team of Thomas Hull, Helen Eastham and John Bradburn.

Second was the Yorkshire B team of Hannah Booth, Frances Griffiths and Jennie Booth, and third was the Yorkshire C team of Zoe Coates, Felicity Coates and Kathryn Butterfield.

Photos will be avaialble here and in the photo gallery as soon as they arrive, with full results in the Competitions section of the website.

Click here to download a pdf of the day's scores.

Click here to listen to the Farming Today coverage

13 July 2011

Ludlow YFC’s Sarah Grantham will be flying the flag for Shropshire when she jets off to New Zealand in October as this year’s NFYFC Novartis Travel Scholar.

The 21-year-old animal health specialist for Masstock Arable, will spend two weeks studying sheep farming methods focusing on parasite control. She’ll blog her findings and keep a video diary during her visit. And on her return she’ll produce a report covering parasite control in the area of blowfly strike and anthelmintic resistance, and how effective control affects productivity and farm management systems in New Zealand.

Sarah, from Chelmarsh, said: “I’ve never really travelled and now I am about to go to New Zealand and study something I work in. I’m hoping to gain lots of experience for work, find out about sheep farming in New Zealand, and spend some time after the two-week visit meeting Young Farmers there.

“I’m over the moon and it hasn’t really sunk in yet – it probably won’t really hit me till I’m on the plane by myself. It is out of this world and all thanks to YFC. The fact that this opportunity is available through NFYFC is just amazing.

“When I get back to work, my employers want me to put what I learn to good use, I’ll produce a report and conduct briefings, and I also want to get round the YFC county federations and new members evenings to show that YFC is not just a club but will take you everywhere.”

12 July 2011

BBC Radio 4's Farming Today team will be testing their own dairy stockjudging skills against those of NFYFC's young stockjudging finalists at the Great Yorkshire Show on 14 July.

FT researcher Emma will be rating four Holstein and four Ayrshire cows in tandem with the junior NFYFC competitors at the show in Harrogate, and will be assessed by the expert judges at the NFYFC finals, which see Young Farmers' Clubs members from England and Wales competing in junior, intermediate and senior categories.

Yorkshire and East Riding YFCs will also be at the show from 12-14 July hosting a wealth of fun, games and activities which they have themed Yorkshire Pride, so come along and join the fun as they play giant pass the parcel, take part in quizes, jousts and jelly chugging challenges.

This year they will be raising money for Candle Lighters, the Harrogate charity which supports children suffering from cancer and their families.

11 July 2011

YFC members are being invited to put their public speaking skills to the test in the CLA Game Fair Have Your Say contest.

If you are 25 or under you can pit your skills against others in the Game Fair Theatre for a chance to take home the CLA Game Fair Have Your Say Perpetual Trophy.

You will have five minutes to get across your views and thoughts on your chosen country sport or countryside-related topic.

Last year's speakers and topics included NFYFC vice chairwoman Milly Wastie speaking on the subject: encouraging young people to enter the industry – problems and solutions from a young person’s perspective, with other contestants putting across their viewpoint on the challenges Europe is facing with regards to food production and the need to use GMOs to tackle this issue; the importance of country sports in the countryside and their major role in its sustainable management; and Young Shots  – The Next Generation

So if you have any thoughts on a topic or issue you feel passionate about, and would like to defend or raise awareness of at the Game Fair, please email

The Game Fair takes place from 22-24 July, with the Have Your Say event being held on Saturday 23 July.

11 July 2011

Cornwall YFC has launched a new scheme to provide its members with a qualification in team leadership, benefiting their own clubs and future prospects.

The Cornwall clubs, working with Duchy College, have set up an NVQ in Team Leadership, to provide training and a recognised qualification to help members with their YFC work as well as future careers.

The course is the first of its kind in the country and covers resource management, leadership skills, motivation, time management, health and safety, conflict resolution, personnel management and meeting protocol.  Successful students earn an NVQ level 2, accredited to the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Around 13 YFC members are taking the level 2 NVQ this year, with 11 on the level 3 course. Students are asked to analyse the skills they are likely to need in their YFC role and identify any weak areas for extra training.

Callington YFC chairwoman Cat Ede sat the NVQ last year. "As vice-chairman, I did the level 2 – and I've gone onto level 3 as chairman this year. I thought it would be very valuable as a certificate; and it has given me a lot more confidence and ability to chair meetings, delegate within a team, and know that I am doing everything right. You can tend to get stuck in a mindset, but this challenges you and makes you think in a different way.

"I use my new skills quite a lot, especially in the planning and time management side of things, both in my capacity within the club, my new job at Duchy College.

"The NVQ in leadership, and my experience with the YFC, will most definitely help me secure a job in the future. The contacts and skills you develop look very good on your CV; it gives you that extra edge."

Cornwall YFC county chairman Anthony Ellis said: “The club development programme is the first time any YFC has worked with an agricultural college in this way. This really is at the core of YFCs' ethos of fun, learning and achievement, and Cornwall is flying the flag for the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs on a national stage. It is hoped this programme will now be rolled out to other counties so that as many members as possible can benefit.”


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