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08 August 2011

Herefordshire YFC’s Charlotte Howells has won the NFYFC Youth Forum competition to design a mascot for the federation.

Charlotte's creation, Super Moo, is is set to represent the organisation in a host of events and champion YFC members as a channel of communication with the national officers.

The design will be turned into both an actual mascot costume to represent the organisation in races and other activities and also a graphic for use on the website, where Super Moo will act as the face of NFYFC to answer questions from Young Farmers’ Clubs members.

The federation’s under-18s made it a hard-fought contest, with tons of fantastic ideas sent in for the Youth Forum judges and graphic designer Ian Feeney to whittle down to a shortlist of five finalists and select an overall winner.

And Herefordshire’s talented members swept the board, taking all four remaining shortlist places. Congratulations to Rhiannon Probert, Emma-Louise Duggan, Kerri Philips and Jessica Reynolds.

Judge Ian Feeney said: “Wow! Some really wonderful, imaginative and thought-provoking entries for the NFYFC mascot competition. All the entries were brilliant. It was extremely difficult to narrow it down to the final five, let alone pick a winner.

“I felt Super Moo was a really fun and inspiring character for all members of NFYFC to look up to and enjoy. I liked the idea of NFYFC having a hero in it’s midst as a great way of making all Young Farmers’ Clubs members feel like they could be heroes and achieve anything they want to within the organisation and in life. You’re all real super heroes!

“Well done to everyone who entered and I hope you all enjoy your moo-tivational new mascot in the future.”

Forum chairman Aled Jones said: “It was brilliant to see what everyone did with the theme and the variety of entries submitted was awesome.”

And NFYFC chairman James Chapman said: “A big thank you to everyone who entered the competition, and to the Youth Forum for their first official action. It is brilliant to see our younger members having a direct impact on NFYFC. The standard of all the entries was amazing.

“Hopefully everyone will feel the benefit from having the new mascot as a channel of communication through which our younger members can engage with the national officers.”

 A delighted Charlotte, of Golden Valley YFC, said: “I was speechless when I was told I had won. It’s an honour to have created a mascot for the whole federation, and I think it will look really cool as a costume.”


Designed by Kevyn Williams