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13 January 2012

Sarah Grantham, from Shropshire YFC, is off on the adventure of a lifetime after winning the NFYFC Novartis Travel Scholarship- and she’ll be keeping a travel blog so we can check out exactly what she’s doing!

Sarah was given a £1,500 award from Novartis Animal Health for a two week fact finding trip to three sheep stations in New Zealand. She will learn more about parasite control and farm management in the country and report back to the animal health specialists.

“I’ve never really travelled and now I am about to go to New Zealand and study something I work in. I’m hoping to gain lots of experience, find out about sheep farming in New Zealand, and spend some time after the two-week visit meeting Young Farmers there.”

So if you have ever wondered how a sheep farm is run on the other side of the world, check out Sarah’s blog and video diaries at


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