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13 February 2012

Young male drivers are 37% more likely to be injured in a road accident if they drive in the countryside, according to a report by the Road Safety Analysis.

Living in more remote locations, young rural drivers cover 31% more miles a year and this, combined with their relataive inexperience on often dangerous country roads, is forcing local authorities to take action. Dan Campsall, director of Road Safety Analsis, calls for new measures to protect young drivers;
"The measures may require investment in transport infrastructure, community bus schemes and further driver training to reduce the number of accidents these drivers are experiencing,"

03 February 2012

If you are looking for a fun and slightly wooly idea for a club meeting, then get your creative juices flowing and join the Flock!

Flock is a public art project that absolutely anyone can get involved with, including YFC members and clubs.  It aims to raise awareness and understanding of the sheep farming and wool industries by displaying 5000 pom-pom sheep in a huge exhibition in April 2012.  

Your club can make their very own wooly critters and send them to be part of the flock.  Visit to get more info and download your sheep making kit.


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