National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

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23 April 2012

YFC representatives are pleased to hear of European support for the plight of the next generation of farmers and look forward to discussing CAP reform proposals further at next Saturday’s NFYFC agriculture forum – Explore the Future Food Chain -  with YFC  members, industry and Defra.

This week the European Court of Auditors’ (ECA) highlighted several issues within the European Commission’s CAP proposals, incorporating a chapter on young farmers measures.  
The ECA particularly welcomed the change to prioritising the allocation of entitlements from national reserves to young farmers starting their agricultural activity, addressing worries that these could become additional barriers to entry. The Court also welcomed the top-up aid for farmers under 40, stating that it may “encourage young farmers to start up innovative and dynamic farming businesses” – a position which is shared by the European Council of Young Farmers. Finally, the Court included a note on the national reserve year, echoing calls from President of CEJA, Joris Baecke, that the reference year of 2011 for entitlements is likely to create “new barriers to entry for new farmers”.
Joris Baecke said of the young farmers chapter: “The Court shares our concerns relating to the problematic reference year of 2011 for new entrants, as well as our view that young farmers should consistently be given priority in terms of entitlements from national reserves in future. Now, we call on the Council and Parliament to take this into account, and to improve the Commission’s proposals by avoiding this particular potential barrier to entry for future farmers.”


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