National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

Fun, Learning, and Achievement

21 April 2010

An exciting new travel scholarship offering a young British farmer a chance to work on a sheep farm in New Zealand will be unveiled at the annual convention in Torquay on Sunday 25 April.

The first Young Farmers’ Clubs (YFC) scholar will travel to New Zealand later this year and spend up to a month gaining hands-on experience on New Zealand sheep farms, as well as having the opportunity to travel in the country.

While in New Zealand, the recipient of the scholarship will also receive a comprehensive background briefing on the problems caused by wormer resistance and learn how farmers there are tackling it.

The scholarship is being provided by Novartis Animal Health (NAH) as part of its long-term commitment to the sheep industry and its support for Britain’s young farmers.

Welcoming the award, NFYFC operations manager James Eckley said: “NFYFC is committed to helping its members working in the agricultural industry secure successful farming futures.

"This exciting Novartis Animal Health initiative shows how much the company values the contribution YFC members make to the UK’s sheep industry and it will also give our members an amazing opportunity to travel to the heart of the world’s sheep industry and bring back practical know-how to improve production here.”

NAH brand manager James Crawford said: “We are committed to supporting Britain’s sheep sector and I believe the country’s young farmers hold the key to its future success. I am convinced the winner of this new scholarship will return with a raft of exciting new ideas to help British sheep farmers improve the health of their flocks to become even more competitive.”

Other highlights of this year’s convention are the NFYFC Agriculture and Rural Affairs (ARAC) Forum, on Saturday 24 April, which will debate future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform, affordable rural housing and securing successful farming futures with representatives from Defra, the European Commission and a panel of other industry experts.

The forum builds on ongoing work in all three areas by the NFYFC’s agriculture and rural affairs steering group, including a recent study tour to Brussels which led to their views being showcased on the website of the UK office of the European Parliament.

A one-minute silence is to be held during the organisation’s AGM on Sunday 25 April as a mark of respect to those members of the farming community who have lost their lives in accidents at work.

The tribute is part of the NFYFC’s efforts to help reduce the number of deaths and accidents in the agricultural industry as part of the HSE’s Make the Promise campaign, which is being championed by NFYFC vice chairman James Chapman, who lost his arm in a farming-related accident.


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