National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

Fun, Learning, and Achievement

24 April 2010

NFYFC chairwoman Helen Roberts welcomed guests from across the federation to her black tie reception held at the Riviera International Centre on Friday night.

YFC area and county chairmen and women, and presidents past and present, from across England and Wales gathered to celebrate the continuing work of the rural youth organisaton in supporting and developing young people living and working in the countryside. Helen also welcomed the Five Nations visitors representing YFC in Scotland and Ireland.

Helen highlighted some of the fundraising that had been done by members of some of the 662 Young Farmers' Clubs on the way to the annual convention and AGM being held in Torquay this year.

The first-ever person from Montgomeryshire and the first from Wales to hold the national role since 1990, Helen told her guests how proud she was to hold the national role, and how much YFC in both England and Wales benefitted by being part of the national federation.

Helen thanked all the staff and helpers and the Riviera International Conference Centre for their work in organising this year's convention, and extended a special thanks to the residents and businesses of Torquay for making the organisation so welcome.



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