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26 April 2010

It is vital that young farmers make their views heard on how to reform the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), YFC members at the Your Europe breakout session of the NFYFC Agriculture and Rural Affairs Forum were told.

Experts from the European Commission and Defra told YFC members  that there had never been a more critical time for them to engage in EU farm policy.

 Defra's Nicola Clark and the European Commission's Mike Mackenzie encouraged young farmers to ensure they were as well informed as possible in order to fight the UK's corner on the future CAP and issues such as the single farm payment.

Nicola Clark told them: "Now is your chance to influence policy. You can speak to us at Defra and feed into the debate through the European Commission website because we want your views,” said Ms Clark.

Mike Mackenzie urged young farmers to get involved in the discussions rather than allow the rest of Europe to make decisions without their input. “Decisions taken in Brussels affect you in a big way but so far other nations have been more involved in the debate. You really need to get involved now,” he said.

The discussion group identified a number of action points for YFC members to take forward including engaging their local MPs and MEPs to make their views known; working with industry leaders and lobby groups including the NFU and CLA; and putting their opinions forward to organisations such as the European young farmers association CEJA. Other feedback included urging government to look at ways of making the future CAP much simpler and encouraging YFC members to contribute to the EU consultation on the future of the CAP through the European Commission website.


Do you agree with what your European counterparts are saying? Click here to download a copy of the statement CEJA has issued on what it would like for the future CAP reform.


European Commission invites views for CAP reform 2013

The European Commission’s website opens up the debate to the general public. Dacian Ciolos, Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, has invited all interested EU citizens and organisations to join the debate on the future of the Common Agricultural Policy, its principles and objectives.


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