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29 May 2008

NFYFC is encouraging its members to spread the word about the amazing work that UK farming charities do for the farming industry and those who work within it. It is also asking members to consider using some of their finely honed fundraising skills to raise money for these charities at this all-important time. “Many Young Farmers’ Clubs (YFCs) and county federations already support the good work that the Farm Crisis Network (FCN), ARC-Addington Fund and Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI) do under the Farming Help Partnership banner, but this year has been particularly demanding for these charities and they need our help in spreading their message in order to recruit volunteers and encourage support,” said NFYFC’s chairman of agriculture and rural affairs, Rachael Chamberlayne.
NFYFC would like YFCs to make their members aware of the Farming Help Partnership and its three charities by: arrowHighlighting the Farming Help helpline (0845 367 9990), its website ( and the work of the charities involved on YFC notice boards, newsletters and websites; arrowInviting a speaker from one of the charities to come and explain their work at a club meeting; arrowFundraising for these three charities.
Contact numbers to arrange speakers: Farm Crisis Network (FCN) 01788 510866 ARC-Addington Fund 024 7669 0587 Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI) 01865 724931
The Farm Crisis Network (FCN) is a UK network of groups of volunteers drawn from the farming community and rural churches, providing a national helpline and visiting service to farming people and families facing difficulties. They provide pastoral and practical support for as long as it is needed. FCN has a national helpline staffed by volunteers which is available daily from 7.00am to11.00pm on 0845 367 9990. Callers to the helpline are offered support from local FCN groups and other farming support organisations as appropriate. Volunteers working with FCN are recruited from the farming community and from local rural churches; they offer a listening ear and can give practical support where appropriate. Visit The ARC-Addington Fund runs a housing scheme for those leaving a non-viable business and allows them to exit with dignity and remain living in their community. Most of the work of the fund is with tenant farmers who leave farming and therefore lose their home. This year, the fund has been giving cash grants to those in financial need because of flooding or Foot and Mouth Disease. Visit The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI) was formed in 1860 as a farming charity to help those in need in the farming community. RABI provides welfare advice, care and financial provision to people who find themselves in times of hardship or distress. It has an emergency helpline number on 01865 727888. Visit If you would like ideas or help with any of these suggestions, please contact NFYFC on 024 7685 7213 and help those who are helping others.


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