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27 July 2009

RABI PosterFor the past 149 years the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI) has been helping farming people who struggle to make ends meet. Its latest scheme launched nationally at the end of last year, the RABI Gateway Project, helps low income farming families to increase their earning potential through the development of their skills for use off the farm.

Farmers have a whole range of skills, from operating complex machinery to plumbing, welding, roofing, dry stone walling, the list is endless. What they often lack is the funding to gain the formal recognition that would allow them to take these skills to a wider market.

Speaking at the launch, RABI chairman Andrew Densham said: “We want to keep people on their farms by providing a way for them to stay in business. Most farmers have a wealth of diverse skills that could be used to produce additional income, provided they had the necessary certification.”

Since the scheme was launched RABI has received applications for support with a wide range of activities including: HGV/LGV driving; butchery; professional catering; lawn mower repairs; and website design. The activities do not have to be farming orientated but the skills, such as building, welding and driving large vehicles, will usually have been acquired as part of normal farming activities.The RABI Gateway Project, which as has been set up with development funding from Barclays Community Fund, is open to farming families in England and Wales. Anyone wanting details of how it could help them extend their skills, with a view to earning additional income beyond the farm business, should call the RABI helpline on 01865 727888 for details.


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