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08 June 2010

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has thanked NFYFC for helping to raise awareness of the lives lost in farming accidents.

Its Make the Promise campaign, aimed at cutting the annual death and injury toll from farming-related incidents, is gaining momentum thanks to support from NFYFC and the NFU, and it is now calling on other organisations and farming communities to follow that lead and make the promise to come home safe from the fields.

The campaign has been promoted with the help of NFYFC vice chairman James Chapman, who lost his arm in an accident involving a PTO shaft; Northumberland's Mark Mather, whose leg was amputated after his shotgun discharged when his ATV overturned; and Herefordshire's Andrew Pursey, who was crushed to death between two tractors while working on the family farm.

Across Great Britain, 455 workers lost their lives in farming-related incidents in the last 10 years – an average of 45 people a year dying on British farms. 

The HSE's latest research shows almost three-quarters (73 per cent) of the 900 farmers questioned were now aware of the campaign, and 29,000 farmers are now signed up to it − double the number of those in December when the latest push began.

HSE’s head of agriculture Graeme Walker said: “The results from our survey show that there is still much to do in encouraging farmers to think more about their actions and the consequences of them. This is likely to take a number of years, as all behaviour change does.

“The campaign is, however, gaining momentum and we want to thank the NFU and the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs for the part they are playing in raising awareness. We now want to encourage more organisations and farming communities to take ownership of the Make the Promise campaign to help the message hit home.”

  1. Read more about the campaign on our Make the Promise webpage

03 June 2010

Discuss ideas for future farming and conservation, listen to Robert Law, host farmer of this year’s Cereals event, and visit the RSPB’s Hope Farm at a day of discussion with policy-makers, farmers and environmentalists on Tuesday 22 June hosted by the RSPB.

Visit the agriculture & rural affairs area of the website to learn more and download an application form.


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