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23 March 2018

YFC members who have taken on either the role of Chair or Vice Chair at a national or Area level have been learning how to be great leaders.

The training session, run by JJ Lynch on behalf of NFYFC in March, was set up to inspire and equip young people who are new to their leadership roles.

The course is ideal for anyone starting out in a leadership or management position and the 12 members who attended all learnt about the key skills and characteristics of a good leader.  

Lucy Stowell, the new Vice Chair of the NFYFC Events and Marketing Steering Group, decided to go on the course so she could learn new skills, meet others in similar positions and start to share ideas.

“I learnt about the type of leader I am and how to deal with difficult situations which is something that I have struggled with,” explained Lucy. “I liked that there was a mix of individual work and group work too and JJ Lynch was such an inspirational and passionate trainer. This is possibly the best course I have been on since being a member of YFC.”

The YFC members on the course, which included the new Chair of Council Lynsey Martin, all learnt more about the different styles of leadership, the core issues for leading teams and personal action planning, among other topics.

Lucy added: “I have been able to implement the skills I learnt from the course not only into YFC life but also into my work life. I feel more confident in leading a team and being in a team. I came away from the course completely refreshed for all things YFC and I am really pleased that I went on the course.”

NFYFC offers lots of support and training for YFC members who want to take on roles in their club, county, Area or at national level. All County Chairs and Vices as well as Area Chairs and Vices are also offered a weekend training course in November called Equipped to help them prepare for their year in office.

22 March 2018

Oakham YFC in Leicestershire held its first Rural+ training session in February and invited BBC film crews in to find out more about the mental health awareness course.

BBC’s Inside Out programme in the West Midlands brought along former Herefordshire FYFC member and star of Channel 4’s First Time Farmer Ally Hunter Blair to speak to the YFC members.

The film crew filmed the club during parts of the session and interviewed members afterwards to find out how helpful they had found the training. The programme showed the positive efforts that NFYFC was making to raise awareness of mental health among rural young people.

“I learnt all about mental health and the issues surrounding it. I feel it made me think about my own life and how it affects people in the real world,” said Emma Garlick from Oakham YFC.

The Rural+ Curve module is a one-and-a-half-hour session where YFC members can learn more about mental health conditions, can discuss concerns in a confidential and trusted environment and find out where they can seek further support, if needed. All sessions are run by a YFC Trainer who has received specific training to run the Curve module and are delivered in conjunction with a specialist organization such as The Farming Community Network (FCN).

The Inside Out programme was aired in March and can be seen on iPlayer here.

Find out more information about Rural+.

22 March 2018

An initiative by Worth Valley YFC to help reduce rural crime has been shortlisted to win Rural Youth Europe’s Rural Youth Project 2017.

Worth Valley’s Fields of Vision project is shortlisted against two others and the judging is now open to a public vote on Facebook. People are invited to vote using emojis to indicate their chosen winner. To vote for Worth Valley YFC, Facebook users need to like the post with a heart emoji.

The Yorkshire club’s Fields of Vision was launched in 2017 following a spate of crime in their local area. The club set up a local WhatsApp group to help be the eyes and ears of the countryside and to put a stop to rural crime. The plan is to roll the scheme out nationally and have a network of WhatsApp groups operating.

Worth Valley YFC’s project has been shortlisted against Armenia’s Vardavar International Festival 2017 and a handicraft book created by rural young people in Braunau. 

The deadline for voting is 30 April 2018 so show your support for Worth Valley YFC here.

22 March 2018

Rural young people are being encouraged to take part in a new survey to help others better understand those aged 18-28 that live in the countryside – and participants could win festival tickets.

The survey is open until 30 April and those taking part could win a pair of tickets to the TRANSMT Festival in Glasgow on 8 July or a pair of tickets for ButeFest 2018.

The survey is part of the Rural Youth Project that includes year-long in-depth video logs (vlogs) of 15-20 rural young people and a Rural Youth Ideas Festival. NFYFC is supporting the project which aims to develop a better understanding of the current situation for rural young people, including aspirations, opportunities and challenges.

The target countries for the research are: England, Scotland, Wales and, internationally, Austria, Australia and the USA. The initiative is a social enterprise venture and has the support of partners interested and engaged in the rural youth space.

The 2018 Project culminates in a three-day Rural Youth Ideas Festival on 20-22 July in rural Scotland and an action plan developed by the project partners.

Complete the Rural Youth Project survey and share your views.


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