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27 April 2018

Panto punch lines will entertain a packed Opera House theatre at the Winter Gardens next Saturday 5 May when three YFCs take to the stage to battle it out for the national Performing Arts' title.  

YFC members from Brampton YFC in Cumbria, Erwood YFC in Brecknock and Cheriton & Tedburn YFC in Devon will all be putting on a full afternoon of entertainment for Convention-goers and supporters from home.

Erwood YFC will be performing Return to Neverland – a story about how things have changed when Wendy and her brothers return to Neverland. The pantomime has been written and produced by Samuel Powell and this small Brecknock club are delighted to be performing in the national final for the first time.

“We have lots of family and friends coming to support us as well as many Brecknock YFC members,” said Club leader Wendy Powell. “We have been busy fundraising and have been very fortunate to receive sponsorship from local businesses to help with the cost of getting the set and cast to Blackpool. We can’t wait to perform Return to Neverland and we hope everyone enjoys it as much as we have enjoyed doing it. Oggi, Oggi, Oggi.”

Brampton YFC will be performing Dick Whittington in a production that has been written by Brampton YFC, produced by Club Leader Anne Laird and directed by Gordon Brown. The performance tells the tale of how Dick Whittington tries to find fame, fortune and love on his travels to London.

Brampton has made it to the national finals of Drama before but this will be their first time performing in a Pantomime on a national stage. This is the first competition that some of the cast have ever taken part in too so to the club have said it will be an ‘amazing experience’ for them to be at the national final. 

Anne said: “Parents, family and friends will be travelling with us to Blackpool and with over 700 Cumbrian members attending the AGM weekend I’m sure the support in the theatre will be amazing – not just for Brampton YFC but for all the clubs who are competing.

“Thanks to the generosity of our local primary school and livestock auction we have been able to hold our final rehearsals in space of comparative size to the Opera House so the cast can get used to entrances and exits taking longer.”

Cheriton and Tedburn YFC only found out they were through to the national final two weeks before the Convention due to the weather causing a delay to the Southern regional final.

The Club will perform Aladd-out of Town, which has been written by Richard Tucker and produced by him and Dan Grist. The story is about Port Rummikin being left in the ‘not so’ capable hands of Aladdin’s son Toni. Expect to see Gary the Great, fairy dust and doughnuts in this lively performance from Devon.

Dan, who won best actor at the Southern Regional Final, said the club are excited to be returning to the Opera House after competing there in the national final of the Entertainments competition a few years ago.   

“We know how amazing the atmosphere is on the day, but it is so nice to be able to do it again with a whole new wave of members experiencing it for the first time. We’ve had to make it through four rounds to get to the finals so we are all very keen to perform it one last time and try and do Southern Area proud! 

We’ve had a lot of rehearsals in our village hall over the past few months – putting on charity performances in local venues, so that we get to practise with full audience participation, which is of course crucial in making a great panto!

The Panto would never have been able to happen without everyone helping behind the scenes – parents and supporters – so it is great to see them all coming up with us to Blackpool. We are hoping a big crowd from Devon will come to support us on the day!”

Find out more information on tickets and timings for the national final in Blackpool.

26 April 2018

Innovative community ideas have catapulted Worth Valley YFC into the limelight as the winners of NFYFC’s Club of Convention 2018. 

The 50-strong club, based in Yorkshire, is sending 15 of its members to the Convention in Blackpool this year, to enjoy a weekend of fame and glory.

The YFC was chosen from all of NFYFC’s competition entries as judges were impressed with their commitment to not only their local community but wider rural communities too.

The enterprising YFC recently launched a rural crime busting initiative using WhatsApp groups to help rural communities work together in reporting suspicious activity in the local area.  The Fields of Vision project, which is running in Worth Valley and also now in Kent, was shortlisted to win Rural Youth Europe’s Rural Youth Project 2017. The club came runners up in the competition in a Facebook voting poll.   

The Yorkshire club’s Fields of Vision project was launched in 2017 following a spate of crime in their local area. The club set up a local WhatsApp group to help be the eyes and ears of the countryside and to put a stop to rural crime. The plan is to roll the scheme out nationally and have a network of WhatsApp groups operating.

The club also has a Fields of Vision business that produces land art for organisations. This started when the YFC did 12 artworks for the Tour de France festival in 2014. Worth Valley also went on to win a competition for a 80 x 65m Branwell and the Bicycle artwork installation, which they created for the 2017 Tour de Yorkshire.

Vice Chairman Joe Holmes, said: “We’re very excited to be the Club of Convention this year. We are always coming up with new ideas on how to raise funds for the club or support our local community so it’s exciting to be promoting our efforts on the national stage at Convention.”

Joe has been invited to present the Fields of Vision project at a European Network for rural development in Brussels in the days leading up to Convention and will land back in the UK just in time to attend the weekend event.

As winners of the Club of Convention, the club will enjoy backstage passes and a chance to meet the DJs, tickets to the guest bar in the Winter Gardens and be photographed throughout the weekend.

You can follow Worth Valley’s adventures throughout the weekend on NFYFC’s social media channels and the Annual Convention website.

Worth Valley YFC factfile 

AGE: 80




CHAIRMAN: Ella Bunton

VICE CHAIRMEN: Joe Holmes and Chris Penny

MEETINGS: Every Tuesday at 7.30pm, at a local pub’s function room.

STRONGEST COMP: Public Speaking

ENTERPRISING IDEAS: Award winners for land art, which is now a money-making business, alongside a wedding marquee hire business!

26 April 2018

YFC members will be asked to vote on a proposed increase to the NFYFC membership fee at the Annual General Meeting in May that will help invest in the future of the Federation.

The decision to increase the national levy by £5 – the amount YFC members pay to be members of NFYFC – was approved by the NFYFC Council in February. The decision was made after Council members reviewed the budget for the year ahead and discussed the need for increased investment in the running of vital services.

Plans are ahead to create an online centralised membership system, which would allow members to join and pay for their NFYFC subsriptions through the website. It would remove the job of membership administration away from all county offices, giving County Officers more time to support YFCs.

The centralised system would require an additional member of staff at NFYFC’s offices to coordinate the work. There are also requirements for another member of staff in the Development team at NFYFC to ensure YFCs and County offices are receiving enough support – especially where counties only have part-time staff.

The £5 increase per member would make the September 2018 fee £21.38 per YFC member (based on membership numbers remaining the same). To deliver NFYFC’s services it costs £62.78 per YFC member and the new proposals will mean YFC members will pay just £21.38 towards those services.

NFYFC Chairman of Council Lynsey Martin said: “This proposed increase in the levy is a positive step to help support our Federation and ensure we can deliver ongoing services such as our competitions programme, as well as continue to develop our Federation. So many of you have requested a much easier and centralised system to joining or renewing your membership and we can deliver that with your support. NFYFC membership is still remarkably cheap compared with many other youth organisations. Let’s make sure we can still deliver the high quality services we have all come to expect and vote through this increase on Sunday 6 May at the AGM.”

NFYFC is still a very competitively priced youth organisation compared with others that range upwards from £75. The gross national levy is payable by the whole of the NFYFC membership and the total annual fee is £369.757.73. This figure is divided among the total number of members to give an exact fee per member. If membership numbers increase, the national levy payable per member is naturally reduced.

Information about the proposed increase in the national levy has been circulated to counties and all YFC members are encouraged to speak to their Council representatives to find out more about these changes.

26 April 2018

Time is running out for young farmers to have their say on the future of British farming as the deadline for submitting views to Defra's consultation on a British Agricultural Policy closes on 8 May 2018.

Defra’s command paper “Heath and Harmony: the future for food, farming and the environment in a Green Brexit” lays out the Government’s views on the future of agricultural policy, and sets out specific proposals and questions for public consultation. 

NFYFC's AGRI steering group is responding to the consultation of behalf of YFCs - and has used the NFYFC AGRI final position paper for a future agricultural policy, and findings from the NFYFC Brexit survey 2016 as well as various YFC discussion events to inform its response. The final draft of NFYFC's response will be available from 10am on Friday 27 April and YFC members have until Wednesday 2 May to comment on it by contacting  Sarah Palmer or AGRI Chair James Hutchinson

In addition you can respond directly to the Government’s consultation in your own capacity. You can do this in the following ways:

  • The government’s “Citizen Space” which can be found here. This involves completing a web based questionnaire.
  • By emailing or writing to Defra with your views at:
  • Or write to: Agriculture Consultation Team, 1b - Future Farming Directorate, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Nobel House, 17 Smith Square, London, SW1P 3JR

The deadline for making a response directly to Government is 8 May 2018.

It’s worth noting that if you reply via the Citizen Space website: you do not have to reply to all of the questions posed. You may wish to read through the command paper and the NFU’s summary before selecting which questions to respond to.

If you are emailing: you can either address the specific questions set out in the command paper, or instead provide more general views and feedback. If you respond providing more general views,  stick to the themes and areas of questioning in the paper as much as possible noting that  the paper has distinct sections:

  • Moving away from the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
  • Implementing a new agricultural policy in England 
  • The framework for a new agricultural policy

You can also help shape responses by emailing your views to NFU HQ team by Friday 27 April 2018. You can also use a simple online form that the NFU has created here for members and a public facing version will also be available on the Countryside website too here.   


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