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28 August 2018

Following announcements about NFYFC’s Annual Convention, NFYFC wishes to address any questions that have arisen about the funding of the planned refurbishment of the YFC Centre in 2018.  

The YFC Centre at Stoneleigh Park will be undergoing much-needed improvements using funding from a long-established and restricted fund.  

The £440,000 YFC Centre Endowment Fund can only be used for the purposes of developing the YFC Centre. This is a restricted fund, established soon after the NFYFC moved from London to the current YFC Centre at Stoneleigh Park in 1968. The essential development work to the building has also been pledged a further £50,000 from a Trust fund, which is also restricted and can only be used for this purpose. 

The building at Stoneleigh Park has been largely untouched since the 60s. It is not environmentally friendly, energy efficient or easily accessible for people with disabilities and has insufficient space for meetings and training.

The refurbishment uses the original building structure, which saves on expense, but will provide a more practical environment for visitors, YFC members and staff to work from. Improved insulation and heating will go towards reducing running costs. 

Previous trust funds NFYFC has been gifted have not permitted the organisation to use them to develop the building for rental purposes or training facilities – despite requests made by former chairs of the Board of Management and CEOs. 

For further information about NFYFC’s finances, the financial year end accounts and copies of Annual Reports are available online – dating back to 2011 - please see the website page here.

21 August 2018

Motivating speakers, live music and a chance to network with 80 rural young people from all over the world has inspired one YFC member to be more open to new opportunities.

Amy Panton from Cumbria FYFC was one of two YFC members who attended the Rural Youth Ideas Festival in Scotland at the start of August, which was organised by Jane Craigie Marketing and supported by NFYFC.

Amy listened to speeches made by Paralympian Kendra Lancaster, Christy Macfarlane who works for Bruichladdich distillery in Islay and Matt Naylor who runs a successful flower business in Lincolnshire.

“A thought from Kendra that still resonates with me is 'say yes to every opportunity' because you don't know where it will lead and you may end up finding your passion,” said Amy who was chosen to attend the event after responding to a call out on social media inviting YFC members to the Festival. “Listening to the speakers made me realise that rural communities have helped so many people become who they are today but, whether we are in Europe or the wider world, rural communities face many of the same challenges – from connectivity to isolation. We cannot make change on our own but together we can, and our connections across Europe and the world are important now more than ever.”

The three-day festival also included workshops and live music. Amy attended a sausage making session as well as a mixology group and said both workshops were “great fun and had us all laughing and smiling.”

On the final day, attendees learnt more about the power of networking and the strength of your personal story.

“Having attended the networking session, I have a new found knowledge in how to approach someone at a conference that I want to talk to. Making the first step is always nerve racking but the other person is probably feeling the same! Your story is what makes you who you are and your key values. Everyone is unique and we all have a story to tell,” added Amy.

The Rural Youth Ideas festival was part of the Rural Youth Project – an international research study looking into the challenges and opportunities for rural youth.

21 August 2018

NFYFC is searching for YFC members to represent their counties' views on agricultural and rural issues. 

Are you passionate about agriculture and all things rural within your YFC? Do you want to ensure all YFC voices are heard? If your answer is ‘yes’, ask your county organiser to propose you as your county’s agricultural and rural link representative for the new YFC year.  You’ll join a network of fellow YFC members to share news, views and events.

What does this involve?

NFYFC invites your county office to nominate a county ‘AGRI link’ representative for the new YFC year in September who has the opportunity to:

  • Liaise directly with NFYFC’s Agriculture & Rural Issues (AGRI) department
  • Liaise with your AGRI Area representative 
  • Keep in touch with agricultural and rural issues in your county
  • Instigate (with help from NFYFC/county staff & officers) agricultural/rural discussion       groups or events
  • Link directly with relevant agricultural/rural organisations at a county level and find ideas and contacts within the NFYFC Source
  • Discuss national steering group work throughout your county and gain feedback from members
  • Feedback information, ideas and concerns to NFYFC    
  • Take part in NFYFC research for topics concerning young people and rural life
  • Be aware of training, resources and future events for YFC members

In return, AGRI members and staff will endeavour to:

  • Provide input to national and regional events to help AGRI link representatives in their roles
  • Supply information to link representatives to support their activities
  • Support link representatives with rural and agricultural discussion groups, workshops or training
  • Assist with relevant research projects pertinent for young people and rural life

This role plays a key part in the effectiveness of ensuring that all YFC members’ voices are heard and should be enjoyable and fulfilling for anyone who has an interest in agriculture and rural issues.

You can contact the NFYFC AGRI department on 024 76 857213 or email Sarah Palmer for further help or advice.

21 August 2018

The Love British Food campaign is working with young farmers to promote British food to consumers in the build-up to British Food Fortnight which this year runs from 22nd September to 7th October.

Founder of Love British Food, Alexia Robinson said, “Collaborating with the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (NFYFC) makes so much sense.  We are so lucky as an industry to have the most incredible network of inspirational young farmers, so many of whom are natural leaders with a strong voice in their communities and on social media, and who are the very best advocates for British food.” 

Young farmer and NFYFC AGRI Chairman, James Hutchinson, said: “The NFYFC is delighted to be working with Love British Food. British Food Fortnight is a great platform to remind consumers of the high standard of British farming and to appreciate the great taste of home produced foods.  Working together, our Young Farmers’ Clubs have a powerful anduk an influential voice nationally and I urge members to do what they can to support this campaign.”

Earlier this year Love British Food worked with 14 young farmers in a ‘#BritishFoodisGreat’ social media campaign in the build-up to the key food shopping period of Easter. Now the NFYFC is asking YFC members from across the UK to get involved in phase two of the campaign which includes a challenge to young farmers to do ONE thing during British Food Fortnight to promote British food.

What can YFC members do?

Contact and request your #BritishFoodisGreat foam publicity tool and of course visit the Love British Food website for further information. Then start planning any of the following activites:

  • Post a tweet #BritishFoodisGreat#TrueYFC or  #TrueYFC#BritishFoodisGreat
  • Display a banner (YFCs supporting British Food) and use your #BritishFoodisGreat foam prop!
  • Visit your local school to give a talk about your role in producing British food and YFCs
  • Talk to your local pub or local school caterers about sourcing British produce

Don’t forget to post your success stories on social media using #BritishFoodisGreat #TrueYFC and your #BritishFoodisGreat foam prop!

This is just another way of supporting the #TrueYFC campaign and NFYFC Chair Lynsey Martin’s challenge for YFC members to show their true colours and help ensure more British food finds its way to more tables.

Josh Dowbiggin, Love British Food Farming Ambassador (also Junior Agricultural Manager, Co-op and member of Co-op’s Young Farming Pioneers) said: “I am incredibly passionate about British food and farming, so am really looking forward to working with NFYFC and encouraging other young farmers to get involved with the campaign.  We should all be proud to be involved with British food and farming and this gives us the opportunity to promote what we do.”


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