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James Hutchinson is the elected representative from NFYFC and attends NFU council meetings on your behalf and would welcome feedback. Currently NFYFC and NFU are working together to enhance the existing relationship between the two organisations and the NFU now offers a YFC membership category.

The NFU Next Generation Policy forum is a group of 16 younger members who put forward the views of the Next Generation on current policy issues.

Regional NFU contacts for YFCs

NFU Membership offer

The NFU and the Young Farmers Club share the vision of a bright future for farming, and realise the need to support and develop the next generation of farmers.

With NFU YFC membership, you'll have the opportunity to shape the future of farm policy by being linked to the largest agricultural organisation in England and Wales. You'll be given access to the wealth of information that the NFU produces and also be tuned into major industry developments so your studies and career are well supported.

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