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What does YFC meant to me? Love and friendships

Matthew Hipperson, 22, Reepham YFC in Norfolk YFC 

Everything that is dear to me, I have through Young Farmers.

My career, my best memories, my closest friends – even my wife.

Like a lot of YFC members, I’m not actually from a farming background. But my best friend joined after college and I came along with him. It was the best decision I ever made.

The woman who was to become my wife was Club Chairman when we first got together – we were organising a Sport Relief Mile for the Club and I plucked up the courage to ask her out. That was seven years ago and we got married in May this year.

YFC has opened up a whole new industry to me too. My wife grew up on a farm but I have seen that agriculture is about so much more than the end product of crops and livestock.

After my A levels, I completed an apprenticeship with Ben Burgess, which provides agricultural construction and grounds care equipment. I am now the UK Engineer for their Greencrop business, which specialises in anaerobic digestion separation systems.

The nature of the job means that you have to adapt to problems. If you come across a problem that no one has had before, then you have to come up with a solution – there is no one else to ring because you’re the last one in the line.

YFC has helped given me confidence to be able to think on the spot, to come up with a solution and be accountable for it.

I gained that confidence through taking up leadership positions within my club. I became Club Chairman the year after my wife’s term and have been Club Leader two or three times, which has involved organising events and giving speeches to large groups of people. These roles and responsibilities give you the confidence to believe in yourself and express yourself – which has been vital in my work.

That friend who invited me along to my first Club night is still my best friend – he was best man at my wedding. But I also now have so many more lifelong friends as a result.

And when I started my job in the agriculture sector, I was surprised by how many people I already knew.

I am part of a community. 


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