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What does YFC mean to me? Career opportunities

By Peter Bowyer, 19, North Herts YFC 

I’ve always loved farming – even though I’m not from a farming background. Apparently there was a small farm in the family a few generations ago so maybe it’s in the genes!

I joined because I love the rural life. I was about 10 and looking for something to do during the week, a club to join. I found YFC and never looked back.

It was because of YFC that I was able to take my tractor test as soon as I turned 16.

The husband of the woman who ran Hertfordshire YFC said he’d put me through it and then said I could come back and do a harvest for them.

The year after that I got a job where I am currently working – this is my third harvest here. And then also through YFC, during the winter I work on a livestock farm at Royston called Robert Law working with his sheep.

So, I have worked the last four harvests and for the last couple of years while I’ve been at college, I have worked for Robert Law a couple of days a week and through the holidays.

So YFC has certainly opened lots of doors for me as far as work is concerned.

Now I’m at Harper Adams University studying agriculture, which I’m really excited about.

When I applied to the university – they looked at my experience and went ‘oh wow!’ I went for my interview and they were quite impressed with what I’ve done, including with YFC.

Eventually, I’d like to get into farm management and ultimately run my own business, and I think I’m on the right track so far. YFC has definitely helped me to get this far.


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