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NFYFC Sponsors

NFYFC is proud to have built up a range of partnerships with companies over the years that build on the strengths of both parties to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. The sponsors’ ongoing support ensures that our members are able to develop new skills, travel abroad, take part in a varied competitions programme and reach their full potential. Specifically, NFYFC would like to extend our thanks to the following organisations:

Massey Ferguson

At Massey Ferguson, we are passionate about the future of farming. We are committed to supporting young farmers through partnerships and are particularly proud to work with the NFYFC and its members.

With over 170 years of innovation and experience, Massey Ferguson is one of the world’s leading farm machinery brands with a reputation for the supply of straightforward, dependable farm machinery. We offer a full-line of award-winning products and services embracing tractors, combine harvesters, balers, hay & forage tools and materials handling equipment. We are pleased to provide special offers on machinery finance deals and discounts on MF merchandise exclusively to members of YFCs.

Farming will always be a challenging profession but the long-term prospects of agriculture are strong. The world needs more food, grown more efficiently and at affordable prices, whilst respecting the environment and protecting key resources for the long-term.

We fully understand the pressures associated with running a modern farm enterprise and are focused on developing equipment, technology and services to help boost agricultural productivity in a sustainable environment.

Major opportunities exist for well-trained, energetic and technically-proficient young people. Massey Ferguson is dedicated to ensuring that the new generation is equipped, motivated and excited by the business of agriculture to make the most of the future. We look forward to continuing to support the young farmer community throughout the UK and beyond.


Central to Honda’s sponsorship of the NFYFC will be helping to promote All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) safety to the Federation’s 25,000 members.

Honda is the world’s leading ATV manufacturer and will become the Federations’ recognised expert in ATV safety. A key role for Honda within the partnership will be championing ATV safety with Young Farmers, by connecting local approved Honda dealers with Young Farmers’ Clubs across England and Wales.

Vehicle safety on the farm is a huge concern for the NFYFC. According to statistics released by the Health & Safety Executive, the largest number of worker deaths in agriculture is caused by moving vehicles, accounting for nearly a fifth of fatalities over the last five years.

The NFYFC’s partnership with Honda is part of its nationwide initiative to try to raise the awareness of farm safety to Young Farmers and encourage YFC members to change their attitudes.

Honda partners, EASI, offer a free training course with every new Honda ATV at no extra cost. Customers can register for a training course at their local Honda Authorised Dealer. The course can qualify riders in risk assessments for PUWER or HSE requirements. For commercial users, HSE risk assessments may require further training, for example through Lantra, or as part of a tractor loading and towing course.

SAI Global

As the most established and trusted leading Agri-Food Assurance Provider, SAI Global is delighted to partner with the NFYFC as a Corporate Sponsor.

Membership of Farm Schemes inspected and certified by SAI Global represents high quality agricultural production and animal welfare, enabling businesses to meet retail requirements, secure new and existing markets, and protect their brand and reputation. The main schemes we audit are Red Tractor, Global G.A.P., LEAF Marque, McDonalds and Tesco Nurture.

Our highly experienced agri-food assessors understand the pressures of modern-day farming and offer positive improvements and advantages from inspection services across the whole farm, including verification of the implementation of modern farming techniques such as Vertical Farming.

Nurturing employee career development helps both staff and company get the best outcomes for all. Our training division helps upskill and build task, leadership and management skills. Our extensive portfolio of courses includes Traceability, Allergen Management, Cleaning & Sanitisation, Pest Control, Environmental, Health & Safety, Food Safety and much more, delivered either on-site, in a public classroom or for easy remote access, online.

We very much look forward to supporting NFYFC members by sharing knowledge and expertise and helping build resilience for a successful future in farming.


Defra is the UK government department responsible for policy and regulations on the environment, food and rural affairs. Supporting and developing British farming, and encouraging sustainable food production, is one of the three departmental priorities laid down in Defra’s Business Plan for 2012-15. Defra supports NFYFC with an annual grant for development work aimed at supporting and improving young farmers’ knowledge, business skills and training. Events supported by the grant and available for YFC members include – Meat for the Market Training, Tenancy Training, ATV Challenge/Efficiency with Safety, Stockjudging, Train the Trainer and Advanced Train the Trainer. Pilot projects include a feasibility study of a Farming Opportunity Matching Service and Achiever Plus, a YFC online skills and training recording scheme.

KUHN Group

KUHN Group is the world’s leading supplier of specialised agricultural machinery for tillage, seeding, fertilisation, spraying, landscape maintenance, hay and forage harvesting, livestock bedding and feeding. KUHN Group has built this broad offering on the strength of decades of experience, continuous development and an enterprising approach. The exceptionally broad range of products is geared to the needs of large farms and contractors, and all other types of agricultural operation across the world. 

The NFU Mutual Charitable Trust

The NFU Mutual Charitable Trust was set up in 1998 with the objectives of promoting and supporting charitable purposes in the areas of agriculture, rural development and insurance in the United Kingdom - including education, the relief of poverty, social welfare and research and any other charitable purposes.

The Trustees' approach to those objectives has been to adopt a policy of supporting, through one off donations and grants, charitable initiatives connected with agriculture and the countryside and with the insurance industry. 

NFU Mutual

NFU Mutual is the UK’s leading rural insurer, offering a wide range of products, including general insurance, life, pensions and investments.

With over 300 offices located in rural towns and villages throughout the UK, NFU Mutual has become part of the fabric of rural life and is committed to serving the needs of people who visit, live or work in the countryside by taking a proactive approach to issues such as improving rural road safety, tackling rural crime and improving the quality of life for all country dwellers.


NatWest has been supporting farming in the UK for over 200 years, and currently has over 120 specialist and dedicated managers. Our managers have all undergone extensive agricultural training, which has been accredited by the Chartered Banker Institute and approved by the NFU. This means you can be sure you will be looked after by a qualified and experienced manager, armed with the latest sector knowledge and information. NatWest is the only bank to have independently accredited agricultural relationship managers.

Young farmers are the 'lifeblood' of the industry. Their knowledge and enthusiasm provides the foundation for future innovation and growth within the sector. NatWest is pleased to support YFC members to help them realise their farming ambitions and continue to support the future of farming.

Tama - Farm Grown Solutions

Tama specialise in the manufacture of netwrap and twine baling products, for farmers and contractors across the globe. Tama, being farmers themselves, understand the complexities of farming life. Along with the endorsement of the major machinery manufacturers and their extensive research and development program, Tama delivers the highest quality products for now and the future. Tama is proud to be a sponsor of Young Farmers' Clubs, understanding that this association plays a key role in the education of the next generation of farmers.

The Worshipful Company of Farmers

The Worshipful Company of Farmers is a dynamic organisation dedicated to advancing the farming industry and all those in it. Since its formation in 1946 it has grown in stature, helping to promote farming to the nation, develop professionalism within the industry and build a healthy portfolio of charitable activities. A vibrant community of Liverymen and Freemen supports the running of professional courses and promotes the industry through activities such as the Lord Mayor’s Show, Agricultural Lectures and the City Food Lectures.

Rutland Electric Fencing

Rutland Electric Fencing was founded in 1973, maintaining a close connection with farmers and country people and understanding their needs has enabled the company to produce top quality, practical products for both farming and equestrian markets. In 1982 the company’s own range of Electric Shepherd® energisers was launched and has now gained an enviable reputation for excellent quality and reliability

All energisers and most other products are manufactured in the company’s own factories, thereby giving direct control over design, quality and availability. With its own in-house research and development team Rutland can react very quickly to market demands and technological advances thus ensuring the end user always has an up to date product.

Rutland’s philosophy has always been to make solid and reliable products designed for long and trouble free operation which, together with the close working relationships with customers, proved to be a winning formula and ensured a growing and reputable business leading the way in the electric fencing market. 

Rutland Electric Fencing is owned by the Woodstream Corporation whose portfolio of brands also includes Fi-Shock™, Victor®, Havahart®, Safer® Brand, Perky Pet® & No/No® Wild Bird Feeders among others. 

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Australia Bicentennial Committee

A fund created by a group of people in the West Midlands to support YFC members to visit Australia via the NFYFC Discovery programme.


HOPS are one of the largest providers of temporary and seasonal labour to the horticulture and agriculture Industries. HOPS specialises in sourcing workers for direct employment in seasonal agricultural positions by client employers, mainly from Romania and Bulgaria for farm jobs in the UK.

The HOPS Recruitment Department has been developed in response to the changing need for skilled staff for our farmers and growers.  HOPS Executive is the most recent addition to the business and was launched in 2018 to handle management level roles. 

HOPS are proud to be the commercial arm of NFYFC and share the National Office at Stoneleigh Park. 

Elizabeth Creak Trust

Elizabeth Creak was born in Slough in 1926. She attended McGill University in Canada before working for Allen Lane at Penguin Books in both the UK and latterly America, where she helped to establish their new venture. She returned to the UK to eventually work with her uncle, Clyde Higgs, who by then had built up a thriving two thousand acre dairy farm in Warwickshire. Prior to this, Clyde had also developed a four thousand acre farm in the foothills of Mount Kilamanjaro and held a number of other positions including: Managing Director of English Farms in Wiltshire; Agricultural correspondent of the BBC and Council Member of the Royal Agricultural Society. Clyde was a highly innovative and enterprising farmer who was well known for challenging the status quo and cross-fertilizing best practices among farmers in the UK and around the world. His practical approach and constant quest for efficiency, gained at the family’s electric motor business, helped him to significantly increase output across his farms. He clearly recognized a similar passion and ability in Elizabeth and mentored her to become his successor.

In 1963 Elizabeth inherited Clyde’s farm in Warwickshire and ran it with great success for a number of years. She was a highly capable and well respected farmer and brought many creative ideas to the world of farming. She eventually sold the bulk of the business, but maintained a substantial acreage around Stratford. Elizabeth’s business acumen, determination and integrity were the reasons she was invited on to the boards of many local charitable organizations including the Royal Agricultural Society, the Stoneleigh Abbey Trust and the Stratford Society. She was the first female chairman of the Warwickshire branch of the NFU and in 1998 she became the first woman to hold the office of High Sheriff of Warwickshire. She was also a keen supporter of local craftsmen, artists and the theatre.

Elizabeth passed away in October 2013 and left the bulk of her estate to the Elizabeth Creak Charitable Trust. Elizabeth created the Trust to provide ‘Clyde Higgs Scholarships’ in agriculture; support and encourage new blood in farming and finance projects to help farmers survive and ultimately thrive in their challenging modern environment.

Farm Safety Foundation

The Farm Safety Foundation was established by NFU Mutual in 2014 as a charity to engage the farmers of the future and help raise awareness of farm safety, change attitudes towards farming safely and reduce the toll of injuries and fatalities which bring a catalogue of heartbreak and misery to numerous families and rural communities every year. 

Rural Youth Trust

Created in 1991, the Rural Youth Trust supports effective voluntary youth work with, and on behalf of, young people in the rural areas of England and Wales. The Trust primarily concerns itself with the motivation and training of young people, developing their personalities and individual capacity to play their full part as caring and active members of their rural communities.

NFU Employment Service

The NFU Employment Service has been running since 2001 providing practical support and legal guidance to enable businesses to become and remain compliant with employment legislation.

Our dedicated team, based at NFU Head Quarters in Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, offers a personal, flexible and professional service to meet the requirements of you and your business. Members are able to spend less time dealing with employment related issues and more time managing their businesses.

Management Committee at each County have easy access to comprehensive guidance and resources to support both themselves and the staff of the County. NFU Employment Service is proud to be providing this service to NFYFC County Federations since 2011.

Young Farmers’ Ambassadors (YFA)

YFA is an alumni of YFC members who have participated in the NFYFC Discovery programme. Members pay an annual subscription, part of which is donated to go towards administering the Discovery programme. As well as financial assistance, YFA members provide NFYFC with support throughout the year including during the Discovery selection day.


BASC looks after the interests of over 148,000 shooting enthusiasts – more than any other organisation in the UK. BASC uses its size and experience to support the sport you love and give you the highest level of insurance cover built into your membership. You can always be certain that you’re properly protected.  Members benefit from BASC Insurance, shooting opportunities, wildfowling permit schemes, deer stalking permit schemes, clubs and syndicates to join, exclusive money saving offers, discounts on BASC courses and members of NFYFC get special discounted rate on membership.


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