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YFC members represent the organisation on various industry committees and councils. All YFC members have the opportunity to feed their thoughts and opinions to the industry representatives on relevant topics.


Tenancy Reform Industry Group (TRIG)

TRIG comprises representatives from the major agricultural industry bodies including the NFU, CLA, Central Association of Agricultural Valuers (CAAV) and Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).
NFYFC was invited to be part of the Tenancy Reform Industry Group and was represented from 2002-2004 by NFYFC national chairman Neil Cameron, and from 2004 to 2009 by Charlotte Balaam, an Essex YFC member.
In her role, Charlotte attends various meetings on behalf of NFYFC to ensure that young people's views are heard in any tenancy reform proposals.
A new YFC representative, Louise Elliott, will shadow Charlotte and take over the position as TRIG representative. 
Please send tenancy related issues, opinions or concerns to Louise via NFYFC by emailing NFYFC agriculture & rural affairs officer Sarah Palmer.

Get involved

The most recent TRIG meeting has posed a number of questions for YFC members to get involved and share their views. Download the questions below and feed back to either Louise Elliott or Sarah Palmer.

YFC members can obtain more information about the Uplands Entry Level Stewardship (ELS) on the Defra website page here.

Copies of a new Defra booklet on the subject can be obtained from Sarah Palmer.


AgriSkills Forum

In February 2008 as part of its Future for Farming initiative, Defra held a meeting with industry which led to the creation of the AgriSkills Forum later that year to ensure skill issues were being addressed in the agricultural and horticultural sector.

The forum's primary objective is to encourage the development of businesses and workers in he land-based sector by ensuring development and skills training is available, affordable and meets the needs of both the individual and business.

The NFU acts as co-ordinator and facilitator for the forum, which has a management group made up of Agriskills Forum chairman Richard Longthorp, the NFU, Lantra Sector Skills Council for the Environmental and Land-based Industries, the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, Landex and the NFYFC.

The vision for the AgriSkills Forum in the UK is to achieve a profitable, sustainable industry, valued by society, that is capable of meeting the demands of agriculture and land management in the 21st century.  This industry-owned strategy seeks to embed skills development into everyday business practice.  It calls for the continuing development of a professional workforce that is recognised and rewarded accordingly, whilst securing the future workforce by offering what must be seen as a career of choice in agriculture, not one of last resort. NFYFC is proud to be part of the strategy management group. 

March 2011 Agriskills Forum meeting

AgriSkills progress report presentation

March forum meeting summary notes

Forum members list

Learn more

At the NFU AGM in February 2009, Environment Secretary Hilary Benn MP recognised that skills development had improved in agriculture but there was more to be done to improve risk management, stem the loss of practical skills, improve understanding of new technologies, develop business and leadership skills and bring about a more coordinated approach to skills development. The minister challenged the AgriSkills Forum to develop a strategy to bring about these changes.


Country Land and Business Association (CLA)

Hannah Skingley  and James Mugleston are your Country Land and Business Association (CLA) representatives

Hannah sits on the CLA Agriculture and Land Use committee which covers a range of agricultural and rural topics and is attended by CLA members and industry experts.
Hannah would like to hear of any thoughts, experience, suggestions on the topics listed below to make sure that YFC members have their voice heard and so that she can be truly representative when she attends the meetings.
If you would like further information on any of the topics posted, please add this request to the comments you submit.
bullet pointClick here to submit your feedback
James Mugleston sits on the CLA’s Business and Rural Economy Committee (BREC). BREC formulates policies on which CLA should lobby, to enable rural economic development to reach its full potential. 
The committee of 20 members elected by the CLA Policy Committee meets formally three times a year and members also meet “virtually” within the working groups via email. This is an additional committee for YFCs and further information will be posted from James' first meeting in September 2009.

National Farmers Union (NFU)

NFYFC vice chairwoman Milly Wastie is your national NFU representative.

Milly attends NFU council meetings on your behalf and would welcome feedback. Currently NFYFC and NFU are working together to enhance the existing relationship between the two organisations and the NFU now offers a YFC membership category.

YFC NFU Representatives (currently being updated)





South East


South West


West Midlands     



Regional NFU contacts for YFCs

  North East


  South East




  North West


  East Anglia


  South West


 West Midlands



Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF)

Linking Environment And Farming (LEAF) helps farmers adopt environmentally responsible farming practices and creates a better public understanding of farming.

Anna Blythe is currently the YFC LEAF representative. Download the NFYFC and LEAF document  to find out more about the existing relationship between the two organisations.



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