National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

Fun, Learning, and Achievement

18 March 2013

Young Farmers from across Hertfordshire learnt how the area’s reclaimed wood is given a new lease of life with a visit to St Albans Wood Recycling.

Thirty- four members visited the not-for-profit social enterprise, which offers learning and training opportunities in woodcraft for people facing barriers to paid employment.

The business operates by collecting waste wood from the construction industry, and other producers of wood waste, to help reduce the amount needlessly going to landfill. The wood is sorted and anything reusable is sold to the community at affordable prices or turned into simple furniture or wooden ornaments. Timber that cannot be reused is sold as firewood or chippings.

YFC County Organiser, Linda Watts, said: “It was really useful for us all to know that places like this exist and how they operate, as well as how they can help us.

“We often need wood from just the odd plank here and there, to wood which can be used to construct sheds, stabling and livestock housing. We were very interested to hear what types of wood are available and that also bespoke furniture can be bought at very affordable prices. It was a very enjoyable outing.”


Designed by Kevyn Williams