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22 January 2014

Presentations from local organisations helped to drive home the safe driving message to members of Doncaster YFC this month.

A group of 20 Young Farmers listened to members of the South Yorkshire police, emergency services and Doncaster council explain the dangers on the roads.

Sophie Raper, Vice Treasurer of Doncaster YFC, said: “The presentations, although at times were a little gory or upsetting, really hit home the risk we take when behind the wheel. Not only did they make an impact on members, hopefully causing them to think twice before answering the phone in the car etc, but the speakers also informed us of many interesting facts and misconceptions of the law, which one day could be the difference between keeping our licences or having them taken away.”

Members commented on how interesting and helpful the speakers were – especially as some of the presenters had been working on the beat since 5am! 

There was also an additional talk on the dangers of quads and agricultural vehicles, which was also met with approval.

Sophie added: “The talk on agricultural vehicles went down a storm – many of the Doncaster boys love nothing more than racing about on the farm quad! It was definitely an enjoyable and worthwhile meeting and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough to any other clubs. As the talk pointed out it could just save your life!“

For more information about NFYFC’s Drive it Home campaign, click here.

02 January 2014


Members of Ramsey and Cottenham YFC in Cambridgeshire were supporting some impressive ‘taches this November, all in aid of charity.

The Club held a joint party and raffle, with all members entering into the spirit of the occasion and either growing or sticking on a moustache for ‘Movember.’

They raised over £700 to support men’s health programmes that combat prostate and testicular cancer.

Club member Scott Rix said:

“This is a charity close to our hearts as many members have had family and friends who have had prostate cancer and because of this the boys were all really keen to get on board with it. The party was great and everyone really got into the spirit of it so we are hoping to hold the event again this year.”


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