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18 October 2010

Apply for an unforgettable experience with Wales YFC in 2011

Wales YFC is calling on members looking for an unforgettable experience, where they can meet new people from a different country and learn about their traditions and way of life, to send in their application forms for a trip with the Wales YFC International Programme.
Destinations include the USA, Finland, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Canada. Members can also apply to attend the Rural Youth Spring or Autumn Seminar or even the European Rally that will be held in Slovenia
“The International Programme is an important part of the work of the organisation,” said Kay Lewis, Wales YFC’s Activities and International chairwoman.
“The programme aims to encourage members' understanding of other cultures and give them the opportunity to travel and to discover new experiences. The programme also asks clubs and their members to host members from similar organisations over the summer months. Travelling with the YFC is a totally unique experience, members will get to know and share experiences with members of similar organisations across the world and make new and lasting friendships.”
Bethan Griffiths, who travelled with the Wales YFC programme this year, added: “I am so pleased that I decided to apply for an overseas trip, it is a fairly easy process. I had an unforgettable week at the Autumn Seminar, where I learned a lot about the culture and way of life of people from across Europe, and also made many new friends. Travelling with YFC is an experience that can not be missed!” 

The closing date for application forms is 29 October and following this, members will be invited to attend a Briefing and Selection day on 14 November. During the day members will hear about the experiences of members that have travelled in the past with the organisation prior to the selection process that will include an interview where they will ‘earn’ their place on the Wales YFC International Programme.

Full details of the trips available to members in 2011 can be found on the Wales YFC website at and anyone that would like further information about the International Programme should contact Helen Edwards at the Wales YFC Office on 01982 553 502.



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