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07 October 2014

A group of Young Farmers from Cumbria have earned £500 by taking part in a Youth Social Action Project.

Members of Aspatria YFC helped their local community by tidying up a park in their local town and make it a more pleasant area for the general public.

The club voted in a general meeting to carry out community work, after a suggestion from one of the younger members. 

Following discussions with Aspatria Town Council, the club was tasked with cleaning up the park on West Street, which had become very overgrown, untidy and attracting wildlife.

8 junior members aged 11-15 & 7 Seniors put themselves forward to help with the clean-up, which included the use of a silage trailer to take away all of the wood.

Megan Davy, Secretary of Aspatria YFC, said: "The outcome of the project was very positive it is now a pleasant area for the public to enjoy. The town council has recently been in touch. We will be featuring in their newsletter and are being awarded with a certificate of appreciation at the next town council meeting.

"We undertook this project for Aspatria Town Council to show that Aspatria Young Farmers are dedicated and willing to help the local community as well as getting stuck in to a project which benefits the people of Aspatria and surrounding areas. It was great to see our members of all ages working as a team to complete this task."

Activities like this could entitle your club to £500.  NFYFC is in partnership with the National Council for Voluntary Youth Services, the RSPB and the Canal & River Trust to encourage young people in rural areas to take up youth social action projects thanks to funding from the Cabinet Office.

To get your club involved and to learn more about the project, please visit our Community & Environmental Projects webpage.


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