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21 November 2014

Doncaster YFC learnt all about fire safety after recently taking a tour around South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Station in Doncaster.

Members of South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service presented a detailed tour to the club as well as an explanation of how the station is set up and the process of how they answer a “999” call when they are on duty.  

Sophie Raper, treasurer at Doncaster YFC, said: "This service is an important service that everyone needs to know, even our Young Farmers. This is due to our members working with large machinery and open land fires. As we have learned from what we have seen and heard, the service don’t always attend fires they also attend a lot of the time car accidents that are life threatening.  We were given the opportunity to have a hands on exploration of the fire engine’s and equipment that they use on a daily basis.

"We had fun having the experience to use a fully loaded water hose and been able to feel how much pressure the water creates to be able to put out large blazes. One of the main messages tonight that was pointed out to us all was it could be your life that they are saving due to someone else’s inconvenience, so think before you act."


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