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02 December 2014

While thousands of men across the country spent one month growing moustaches for testicular cancer, a group of Young Farmers from Bedfordshire spent a staggering four months growing facial hair for their local air ambulance.

The six members grew beards for the entire harvest period from the first silage cut on 13th May until the last combine stopped rolling on 15th September. The group, aptly named 'The Hairy Harvesters', raised just over £1,200 for the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

Ainsley Jones, Jack Ostapiw, Harry Chamberlain, Liam Moody, Dale Butts and Edd Davidson Smith are now hoping that their idea will widen and develop throughout the counties and make a bigger 'Hairy Harvest' next year.

Ainsley (pictured right) said: "It was a great success and we beat out target of £1000 easily. Now we have created this concept, we would like to try and widen it for next year's harvest and encourage individuals or groups to raise money for their chosen charity over harvest. We found it very challenging over the time and writing blogs about our beards on our Facebook page helped people realise that beards sweat and dust are a terrible itchy combination so this really is a challenge and worth the sponsorship. On behalf of all the 'Hairy Harvesters', I would like to thank all the sponsors and donations, and acknowledge NFYFC's support in advertising this for us."

To make a donation to the 'Hairy Harvesters', please visit the team's JustGiving page.



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