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19 December 2014

Canterbury Young Farmer’s Club enjoyed a sweet ending to their 70th anniversary dinner dance, thanks to Solley’s Kentish ice cream.

The club designed a bespoke Apple Pie ice cream with a Toffee ripple and Butterscotch chips for a 1940s-themed bash courtesy of the family-run company, who also donated 250 individual tubs for guests to enjoy as part of a traditional ‘jelly and ice cream’ pudding.

The annual event took place at the Spitfire Ground in Canterbury and whisked attendees back to wartime days, when the club was launched. Boys sported military dress or tuxedos and girls wore vintage outfits or ‘land girl’ costumes; one couple even arrived in a 1940s US army staff car. A seven-piece band played into the small hours, and a raffle raised over £500 for the club's chosen charity, Reverse Rett.

Stacey Taylor, chairman of the Canterbury Young Farmers (pictured right), said: “We chose Apple Pie, Butterscotch and Toffee as we wanted to echo the comforting British flavours of the 1940s – it was totally delicious, and the perfect addition to the evening! We were really excited when Solley’s agreed to help us design a dessert for our 70th anniversary dinner dance, and very grateful for their generous donation of ice cream.


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