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26 September 2019

Helping a rural community in Nepal was a two-week YFC Travel trip with Projects Abroad that Hazel Stansfield from Lancashire will never forget.

Why did you choose a volunteering trip to Nepal?

I’ve always wanted to travel but I’ve recently bought my own house so I couldn’t go for a long period of time – the two weeks was perfect for me.  I liked the fact that it was split – it was half farming and half school work.

Where did you stay on the trip?

We stopped at the Edu Farm in Kathmandu. We worked there half of the time. It was really nice actually but it was like going back in time. It was all made of mud and bamboo huts.

What activities did you get involved in?

All sorts – it was ram-packed for the two weeks! We worked in the rice paddies – that was good fun, but there were lots of big spiders!

We got to work with the animals, so we washed the cows, and hand-milked them. We did a lot of planting, lettuce planting and lots of digging as well. And then we spent three days in schools teaching the children about agriculture in England, and also English games, and they taught us Nepalese games.

Another activity we were involved in was creating a hedge for a local school to help keep them protected when they were playing outside. This was particularly rewarding as we knew it would help keep them safe which was a nice feeling!

Then at the weekend they took us to the city of Pokhara where we did a lot of sightseeing. There was always something to do.

What was it like doing this kind of volunteering experience with YFC members? 

When we were digging and planting stuff, it gave us a lot of time to get to know each other. I was with eight other girls and they were all absolutely lovely. We did have a lot of time together to bond. At night, we’d have tea all together and then we’d just sit around together for hours and chat. It was really nice and I got really close to them – we are looking to see each other again.

We all had a lot in common. We spent a lot of time talking about Young Farmers, but we also had a lot of different things in common, hobbies and interests – we were all like-minded, so we got on really well.

What did you enjoy about your experience?

The whole two weeks was incredible, I really am grateful I got to go on the trip.

When we were working in the school, we were teaching them about farming back home. The children were amazed at how big our machinery is over here as a lot of them had never seen anything like that before. It was so rewarding teaching them and I really was sad when it was our time to go!

The locals were really happy and impressed with the work in which we carried out, which was such a lovely feeling!

Would you recommend doing a volunteering trip through YFC?

I’d definitely recommend it to anyone – it’s so good to get out and see a different country. I would never have dreamed of going to a country like Nepal for a holiday, so it was really interesting to see the culture and to see how they farm differently. It was very different to the UK.

YFC members can apply to go to Vietnam, Peru and Ghana on volunteering trips in 2020. All YFC Travel trips for 2020 are now open for applications until 1 November 2019. Find out more here. 


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