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11 February 2011

Public speaking day competition results

On Sunday, 6th February 2011, over 120 members of Staffordshire County Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs took part in a variety of Public Speaking competitions including Junior Member of the Year and Senior YFC Ambassador. Samantha Wilson, Eccleshall YFC and, Hannah Gordon Leek YFC were Winners of the Junior Section.  Junior competitors were required to produce a portfolio giving details of their activities within YFC over the previous 12 months as well as information about school, career aspirations, and activities outside YFC.  An informal interview also took place. Samantha Wilson, Eccleshall YFC is 17 years old and attends Shrewsbury Girls High School is hoping to become a Vet, and is also Joint Chairman of The County under 18’s Committee.  Hannah Gordon, Leek YFC is 14 years old and currently studying at Churnet View Middle School, she has been a member of Leek YFC for a year and has attended almost every meeting!  3rd place went jointly to Imogen Bloxham, Chase YFC and Victoria Hartley-Hughes, Cheadle YFC. The Senior YFC Ambassador was won by Alex MacKellar, aged 25, from Ridware YFC who is the current Club Secretary for Ridware and also National Competitions Chairman.   Will Gallimore, Uttoxeter YFC was placed 2nd and in 3rd place was Joe Lovatt from Leek YFC and Sarah Burgess, Ashley YFC.  Senior competitors were required to complete an information sheet giving details of their experience with Young Farmers and attend an interview with the competition judges on the day.  Alex MacKellar and Will Gallimore were chosen to go forward to the next round of the Senior YFC Ambassador and Samantha Wilson Eccleshall YFC and Hannah Gordon, Leek YFC will also represent the County as Junior Member of the Year at the West Midlands Area Finals on Saturday, 5th March 2011, this year being hosted by Shropshire.  

Junior Reading -  1st  Leek YFC, 2nd Waterhouses YFC and 3rd Lichfield YFC.  Each team had to read out three chosen passages from ‘Matilda’ by Roald Dahl.

Junior Speaking - 1st Lichfield YFC; 2nd Eccleshall YFC; 3rd Leek YFC.  Charlotte Britland of Lichfield YFC gave an interesting talk entitled “How to Inspire to Inspire”.  The other team members were Eden Gray as Chairman and Charlotte Hodson Walker who proposed the Vote of Thanks.

Intermediate Brainstrust - 1st Uttoxeter JNFU B team; 2nd Leek YFC; 3rd Eccleshall YFC. Each team comprised three members who were given a range of topics from which to choose three, just twenty minutes before the start of the competition. Uttoxeter team, whose panel members were Lowri Davies, Shelly Spooner, Rosie Deakin-Gallimore with Ben Hall as Chairman choosing the topics for a successful debate.
Senior After Dinner Speaking - 1st Leek YFC; 2nd Eccleshall YFC; 3rd Waterhouses YFC. Each team comprised 5 members,  Three After Dinner Toast subjects were sent to the teams beforehand to allow them to research and prepare for the day, the teams were split to compete against each other during the competition. The overall winning team was from Leek YFC, with the speaker toasting to:  The Dinner is for the “Society of Honest and Reliable Tractor Dealers” who are holding their Winter Dinner in Bramshall Village Hall.  All the catering is being provided by members and their wives and there is a raffle to win a 1951 Ferguson 20 that has been discovered under some bales on a member’s farm.  The guest speaker is a retired mechanic from Burgess’s.Toast “Hammer before spanner, except after crowbar”

‘Just a Minute’ – 1st, Leek YFC, 2nd Uttoxeter JNFU and 3rd, Eccleshall YFC,  This new competition involved a panel of four members from different clubs who have to speak in turn for one minute without ‘repetition’, deviation’, or ‘hesitation’

Creative Writing – 1st, Leek YFC team B, 2nd Eccleshall YFC and 3rd, Leek YFC team A, Kealey Thomas from Leek YFC produced a short story in one hour from the musical ‘Annie’ which had to incorporate five words and objects which were given to the competitors on the day.

Jazz Dancing – 1st Chase & 2nd Eccleshall, both teams produced two very entertaining dances which had to involve unique moves, fancy footwork and big leaps!

The Gwen Earp-Haward Award for Public Speaking was awarded at the end of the day to the overall winning teams,  1st – Leek YFC, 2nd Eccleshall YFC, with Uttoxeter  YFC as runners up.

The winning teams from Junior Speaking, Junior Reading, Intermediate Just a Minute, Jazz Dancing, Creative Writing and Senior After Dinner Speaking will go forward to represent Staffordshire at the West Midlands Area Finals in on 10th April 2011, which is this year being hosted by Staffordshire.  


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