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23 February 2011

Rambling, gambling and dung have brought new hope to stroke victims in Cornwall.

This year St Columb YFC was able to see the fruits of its fundraising efforts over 2010 ¬– a sponsored walk, music and dance evenings, a casino night, and selling bags of dung – help to buy a new machine to support stroke victims at the Royal Cornwall Hospital's Phoenix Ward.

St Columb YFC’s Tristan Thomas and Christine Paull visited the hospital to see for themselves the £1,500 EMG machine, which measures the rigidity of muscles and helps clinicians to gauge the state of the stroke.

Hospital Friends chairwoman Beatrice Dyer said the equipment had “made all the difference” for staff and the donation was a huge asset to the department.

"It's great to see where your money's gone," said Tristan, who issued a chairman's challenge for YFC members to walk from Fowey to Padstow, which they did over a weekend. “Thanks to all our members and families for raising the money.”
YFC treasurer Christine Paull added: “It's nice to know it's going to something local.”

St Columb YFC also donated £500 to Help for Heroes and £500 to Tanya's Courage, to help equip a room geared for teens undergoing cancer treatment.


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