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06 April 2011

Neighbouring counties win Wales YFC English and welsh public speaking competitions!

Over 500 YFC members travelled to the Royal Welsh Showground on Saturday to take part in the Wales YFC Public Speaking Day, sponsored by one of the world’s leading renewable energy developers, RES.

Members from all over Wales attended the day to take part in the Wales YFC Welsh and English Public Speaking competitions and as ever, the competition was close in each section. Following a full day of competing Pembrokeshire Federation was the overall winners of the English section and the Carmarthenshire Federation was the overall winners of the Welsh section.

Speaking on behalf of the sponsors, Richard Evans of RES stated,
“The ability to stand up and speak in front of an audience, no matter how large or small that audience may be, requires great courage. RES is extremely proud to have been able to sponsor such a fantastic event that not only develops key life skills but also helps to instill confidence and self respect.

Whether it be via community benefit funds, local contracting jobs or sponsoring excellent events such as the Wales YFC Public Speaking day, RES has, and always will, look to invest in the rural communities with which we have such a close relationship.
We would like to congratulate all of those who took part and very much look forward to next year’s event.”

Kay Morgan, Chairman of the Wales YFC Activities and International Committee said that once again the standard of the Public Speaking Competition – one of the most popular competitions held by Wales YFC – was maintaining its high standards.

“Public Speaking is a talent that cannot be taught. It is something which has to be nurtured over a number of years. I honestly believe that Wales YFC produces some of the best speakers in the country, and that without the encouragement of clubs, club leaders and fellow members, many simply wouldn’t get the opportunity to feel the buzz of competing in such an event. We would like to thank RES for supporting this event which helps many Wales YFC members to gain confidence to stand up and speak in front of a crowd.”


Designed by Kevyn Williams