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11 July 2011

World record attempt at Wales YFC young peoples’ village

An attempt will be made at the Young Peoples Village this year to set a new Guinness World Record for the most people at one time doing a Hawaiian dance in grass skirts.

The attempt will take place on the last night of the Young Peoples’ Village which will see the return of Greg James, Radio 1 to the event along with Ceredigion band, Fushanti and a Foam Party and Bethan Elfyn and the Vinyl Vendettas who will be in attendance throughout the week.

Greg James states,
“I had great fun at the Young Peoples’ Village last year and I am very much looking forward to returning there this year. I hope that the world record attempt will be a success and I can’t wait to see everyone dancing away in their grass skirts.”

Organised by Charity Self Help Africa, the attempt has been sanctioned by the Guinness Book of Records and is an official attempt for a new world record. The record stands at the moment, 797 participants, in an event organized by Yokohama Hawaii Festival, at the Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Centre Rinko Park, Yokohama, Japan on 11 July 2009.  

Self Help Africa and Wales YFC are hoping to attract the support of 1000 people dancing at one time, in grass skirts. To raise money for the Charity, grass skirts will be sold of which the profits will go towards supporting farmers in Africa and there families.

Speaking on behalf of Self Help Africa, Dougie Bancroft explains,
“We are so pleased that Wales YFC this year has provided so much support and help with this project and event. If we can set a new World record and promote the Farmers of Africa and support them against Poverty And Hunger; that is wonderful and at the same time have a smile while doing the dance; that has to be fun for all.”


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