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18 July 2011

New Wales YFC logo to be officially unveiled

The new Wales YFC logo was officially unveiled this morning on the Wales YFC stage at the Royal Welsh Show

Approved at the Wales YFC February council meeting the new logo has already made way for a new website for the organistion and bringing with it with a fresh and professional image.

The official unveiling of the logo was the pinnacle of the process of selecting a new logo which began back in October 2010 with an evening of presentations from various design and website development companies to appoint the successful companies to undertake the work.

Following this a group of dedicated YFC members representing the 12 county Federations worked alongside the companies to come up with a shortlist of logos of which one was chosen, tweaked and approved at the Council meeting.

Joe Brown from Design Dough, the company appointed to undertake the work, about the design and what it represents,
“We worked very closely with a group of YFC members to create an identity which they felt accurately depicted their thoughts and feelings about the ogranistaion and what it meant to them as individuals and as a group.

The logo is designed around the foot print or boot print. This was chosen due to a direct draw through to the rural roots and energetic values of the organization. The logo also incorporates the fantastic opportunities that Wales YFC offers to all of its members through the use of illustrative figures.”

“Since the approval of the logo at the Wales YFC council meeting in February, it has been used as and when required so many people have already seen the logo, the official unveiling of the new logo today was an opportunity for those present to see how it will be used to brand the YFC centre and it’s surroundings and to learn about what it represents,” explains Enfys Evans, Wales YFC Chairman.

“It was also be an opportunity to thank all those involved in the process of selecting a new logo to represent young people living in rural Wales.”


Designed by Kevyn Williams