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18 July 2011

First day results from YFC section at the Royal Welsh Show!

Members of Wales YFC travelled from all corners of Wales to take part in the first day of YFC competitions under the theme of ‘Brwydro’r Elfennau’ / ‘Battling the Elements’ at the 2011 Royal Welsh Show. It was an action packed day with competitions ranging from a recycled garden band to a craft competition.

“We’ve had an absolutely fantastic first day here, making all of the preparation prior to the show worthwhile,” said Wales YFC Chairman, Enfys Evans. “Members have once again shown their various talents, and I look forward to seeing more of their work over the next three days.”

18 July 2011

New Wales YFC logo to be officially unveiled

The new Wales YFC logo was officially unveiled this morning on the Wales YFC stage at the Royal Welsh Show

Approved at the Wales YFC February council meeting the new logo has already made way for a new website for the organistion and bringing with it with a fresh and professional image.

The official unveiling of the logo was the pinnacle of the process of selecting a new logo which began back in October 2010 with an evening of presentations from various design and website development companies to appoint the successful companies to undertake the work.

Following this a group of dedicated YFC members representing the 12 county Federations worked alongside the companies to come up with a shortlist of logos of which one was chosen, tweaked and approved at the Council meeting.

Joe Brown from Design Dough, the company appointed to undertake the work, about the design and what it represents,
“We worked very closely with a group of YFC members to create an identity which they felt accurately depicted their thoughts and feelings about the ogranistaion and what it meant to them as individuals and as a group.

The logo is designed around the foot print or boot print. This was chosen due to a direct draw through to the rural roots and energetic values of the organization. The logo also incorporates the fantastic opportunities that Wales YFC offers to all of its members through the use of illustrative figures.”

“Since the approval of the logo at the Wales YFC council meeting in February, it has been used as and when required so many people have already seen the logo, the official unveiling of the new logo today was an opportunity for those present to see how it will be used to brand the YFC centre and it’s surroundings and to learn about what it represents,” explains Enfys Evans, Wales YFC Chairman.

“It was also be an opportunity to thank all those involved in the process of selecting a new logo to represent young people living in rural Wales.”

18 July 2011

Wales YFC welcome exchangees

Wales YFC welcomed members from the Canada, Finland, Scotland and Ulster to the Royal Welsh Show this morning.

The 7 members are spending a period of two weeks in Wales and are being hosted by Wales YFC members and their families.

During the show, the exchangees and hosts will be encouraged to participate in YFC events during the week.

The opportunity to host a member from abroad is one of the many travel and learning opportunities offered by Wales YFC to its members as a part of the International programme.

13 July 2011

There will be no sleeping on the job when Cumbria YFC members set out on Thursday 21 July to raise cash for the Great North Air Ambulance.

A year of fundraising draws to an end with a massive bed push involving all 26 Cumbria Young Farmers' Clubs. Starting at Broughton on Thursday 21 July the bed will be pushed through all the southern district clubs ending up at Eden Valley YFC whose members will push it into the main ring of the Penrith Showfield on Saturday 23 July at 3.30pm.

Meanwhile a second bed will be pushed north via all the northern clubs up to the Scottish border then down to Penrith where it will meet the southern district Young Farmers' Clubs members at Penrith Show.  In total they will have pushed the beds 200 miles.

Cumbria is hoping to top the £42,000 raised for a variety of charities last year, so if you see a bed going past you, please give generously.

11 July 2011

World record attempt at Wales YFC young peoples’ village

An attempt will be made at the Young Peoples Village this year to set a new Guinness World Record for the most people at one time doing a Hawaiian dance in grass skirts.

The attempt will take place on the last night of the Young Peoples’ Village which will see the return of Greg James, Radio 1 to the event along with Ceredigion band, Fushanti and a Foam Party and Bethan Elfyn and the Vinyl Vendettas who will be in attendance throughout the week.

Greg James states,
“I had great fun at the Young Peoples’ Village last year and I am very much looking forward to returning there this year. I hope that the world record attempt will be a success and I can’t wait to see everyone dancing away in their grass skirts.”

Organised by Charity Self Help Africa, the attempt has been sanctioned by the Guinness Book of Records and is an official attempt for a new world record. The record stands at the moment, 797 participants, in an event organized by Yokohama Hawaii Festival, at the Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Centre Rinko Park, Yokohama, Japan on 11 July 2009.  

Self Help Africa and Wales YFC are hoping to attract the support of 1000 people dancing at one time, in grass skirts. To raise money for the Charity, grass skirts will be sold of which the profits will go towards supporting farmers in Africa and there families.

Speaking on behalf of Self Help Africa, Dougie Bancroft explains,
“We are so pleased that Wales YFC this year has provided so much support and help with this project and event. If we can set a new World record and promote the Farmers of Africa and support them against Poverty And Hunger; that is wonderful and at the same time have a smile while doing the dance; that has to be fun for all.”

08 July 2011

Searching for young innovators and effective users of natural resources

The search is on for Young Innovators and effective users of Natural Resources.  

Sponsored by the world renowned renewable energy company, Dulas and run by Wales YFC with support from the Countryside Council of Wales (CCW) and the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society the award has developed in its second year to recognise improved environmental practices already adopted as well as visionary projects in energy use and production.

In 2011 a prize of £1,000 will be awarded to the winner in two categories – the Natural Resources award and the Young Innovator award with runners up in both sections receiving £200 each.

Speaking on behalf of the sponsors, Dulas, Mike Clay explained,
“Dulas were thrilled to be involved in the Innovator Awards, so much so that we have decided to support the YFC again this year. The need for rural entrepreneurs and innovators has never been more profound. With cuts in the public sector, and inflationary pressures Wales needs to capitalise on the natural resources that we have available. Strong incentives through the Feed-in Tariffs and the Renewables Obligation provide the opportunity for the farming community to invest in hydro, wind and solar technologies. The new Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) brings support for renewable heat technologies too.

Dulas are hoping to see a strong competition this year, with the new format bringing entries from all the regions of Wales. We see this award as central to the low carbon agenda in Wales, and real opportunity to engage with the farming community.”

The Natural Resource award will place emphasis on actual personal contributions to good land management and / or agri-environment practices and the closing date for entries is the 30th of September.

The Young Innovator award for those 40 years old or younger places an emphasis on plans to make a good personal contribution to good energy management practice. Those entering this category will need to submit their plans by the 31st of July following which five entries will be shortlisted and given two hours of consultation with Dulas following which they will have the opportunity to develop their plans and re-submit their applications by the 30th of September.

For an application form to apply for the competition please contact Kay Lewis at the Wales YFC Centre on 01982 553 502.


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